17 May 2015

From the Director's Desk

The month of May is always a time of both endings and beginnings in a school.  Even as students and teachers are preoccupied with final summative assessments and exams, we are busy planning for the new year.  I would like to begin by celebrating some of our students who have recently excelled in different areas making us very proud of their accomplishments.
Aditi Amritesh
   Ahana Joshi

Anandita Ralli

Sanketh  Hotchandani & Devmay Dewan

Aditi Amritesh from Grade 5 was 2nd runner up in a nation-wide Scholastic competition for story-writing. Ahana Joshi of Grade 5 entered for the Trinity College exam for drums and got a distinction. Our Golf students continue to make us proud winning the overall championship in an inter-school sports event by  Anandita Ralli of  Grade 4 . 
  In a national inter-school creative technology competition, 'Camp K12', Sanketh  Hotchandani Grade 5 won the first prize  in the graphic animation category and Devmay Dewan Grade 5 got the special award for the 'Best  Fight scene under the graphic designing category.

School Culture

I would like to thank the parents and teachers who came together for a very useful exchange of ideas on school culture.  Out of the discussion emerged a reflection that in today’s world a single understanding of culture is no longer possible. We all grapple with a world dominated by wealth and brands and competitive aggression.  How different children respond to these is influenced by the attitudes and messages given out by adults.  We reviewed some of the steps being taken by the school through our community service and lifeskills programmes, and through the appointment of student ambassadors and the role played by the senior Student Council. Also discussed were the different follow up actions which are effective. To what extent is hard punishment effective in bringing about change? To what extent is reflection and acting to make up for a wrong done?  How should parents and school balance these two approaches?  In conclusion, we all agreed that the school’s plans to increase emphasis in the next academic year on a culture of kindness and on celebrating difference will help young people to develop these aspects.  It is also important to present the right role models who will communicate in the right way with students.

Staff Development Visit to US Universities

   At Pathways we recognise that the ongoing development of our staff is an essential feature of being a great school. Over the year 73 staff members – which is over 50% of our teachers – went to external workshops. In addition there were online trainings and in-house workshops.
Our Career and College counsellor  Deblina Chakraborty was part of a two week tour of US universities from the west to the east coast. It was invaluable for highlighting the profile of Pathways School Noida and establishing relationships with admissions counsellors in these universities. The particular requirements of different universities was an important learning.

Nepal Relief

Thank you very much to all families who contributed so generously to the drive to help the people of Nepal. In the light of information about the excess of materials trapped on the runway in Kathmandu we took a decision to gather the materials from
all three Pathways schools and directly deliver the material by road and distribute it via an on-ground organisation called Helping Hands. 

You can see more about it at:

Once the material gets distributed we will be sharing more pictures with you.

Our school hosted a unique  inter-school technology competition which was attended by schools from across the city. The event stood out because of the exciting variety of competitions for all age groups from Primary to Middle to Senior. But also because of two unique features – a Tech Slam like the popular Google Slam. And also because this was not just an event for students, but also included a brainstorming and sharing by teachers on the use of technology in education.


Thank you for cooperating with our enhanced security emphasis at the gate. It has become easier as the awareness of the importance of exeat cards has become more widely accepted. Our next focus is to be very strict with the need for exeat cards at bus stops. Please ensure that whoever is picking up the student has the exeat card with them. A failure to do this will mean that the student will not be handed over but will be brought back to the school.
And finally….
To all those families moving away from the NCR and Pathways – our very best wishes for your new phase. To Grade 12 students and their families who will be leaving us – our best wishes.  Do keep in touch and remember that you always have a place as a part of the Pathways family.  To all other families, a very happy summer break. I am sure you will take advantage of the time to have fun together as a family. I look forward to seeing you back in school on Wednesday 29th July.

Dr Shalini Advani

School Director

From the Primary School Principal, Mrs Usha Lamba

The school academic year 2014-2015 was filled with Curiosity, Creativity and Collaboration as primary students sought ways to follow the big ideas through the UOI themes and began to learn how to learn. Primary classes focused on the skills of being self-managers, thinkers, collaborators, researchers, communicators and creators, and the language related to these concepts.
At our Primary school assemblies all primary school students got an opportunity to celebrate not only the festivals but also their learning in class.

Term 1 highlight was the’ Lion King’ not only for its grandeur and performances but the exposure every child got though the process of the production. 
Apart  from this the students        Nukkad Natak for Social Cause -  ' Ek Mutthi anaaj'
collected funds through Read – a thon as they looked at equipping a Library for the ‘Bal Sansaar’ a local school supported by Pathways. Our Student leaders began to get more involved with many whole school events and raised queries and made several suggestions to their teachers to participate in house and interschool events. The teachers took ideas from students seriously and we saw many students participate in several cultural events organized by other schools in the NCR or South Delhi regions. It was very reassuring to watch our students make a mark with their presence wherever they went for Drama, Music, recitation and Sports. Pathways Noida hosted an Inter- School Tech Fest -P.A.T.H (Pathways Annual Tech Hangout). Amongst many categories, Our Primary students won laurels and prizes too.

Term 2 saw the teachers introducing a new Math book to raise Math standards and this came with its own challenges of bringing in a new resource mid-way through the year. It was very welcome by parents as many spoke to me on this during the PTA. Also, as we go through year end reviews we certainly see significant comfort and raised Math levels for many students. We also had many parent volunteers to read routinely with students from Form 1 , 2 and 3.
This has shown good results as we looked at raised Form 3 lexile scores. And, now we are looking forward to extending this next year to Form 4 as well. Students got really involved with Sports day and inter house sports activities. The Early Years students had their sports fiesta. They presented ‘ Kuk doo ku” at the Rhyme Time Day.                                      Rhyme Time Day     

The teachers packed active learning and very passionate and explicit teaching into the school days of the Fifth Formers as they worked on their Exhibition just before they end their years at Primary School.
                  PYP Exhibition  
Very recently students have been engaged with the plight of people in Nepal and have been running a collection of things that we could send them to ease their misery.

As we come to the end of the year we have begun to look for ways to keep our students thinking and sensibly engaged during their summer holidays. A tip here, many parents feel obliged to fill their children’s every waking moment during the summer because if they don’t they are afraid of complaints of “I’m bored.”  Learning to say, “I’m sure you’ll find something interesting to do” is a great tool for a parent.

Next time your child whines about being bored, simply delate a few simple items off your own overcrowded To Do list.eg: Try car washing. Put the dvds into the right cases, water the flowerpots, sort the laundry, clean the bath, make your bed, decide which old toys you want to give to charity. It doesn’t matter if they don’t do it as well as you would - that’s not the point – it’s giving them a little responsibility which is great for their sense of self-esteem. Older children can plan activities – give them a budget and let them research which theme park they want to go to and how to get there. They will be learning something and next time they are bored they will find something to do themselves rather than whining about it.

Have fun and enjoy being with your children as much as we have enjoyed working with them through the year.

Mrs. Usha Lamba
Primary School Principal

Rhyme Time day, Ms. Aneesha Sahni, Early Years Coordinator

The much awaited ‘Rhyme-Time’ Day celebrated by the young students up to Form 1 was a feast to the eyes with an array of dances and performances.  They all managed to please and bring the Sun back to the farm. The programme was opened up by Dr. Advani, where she rightfully
stressed on audience expectations remotely based on perfection as the performers were very little. But, they proved everyone wrong as they were as good as professional artists on stage.
Right from the tiniest tots of Pathways Noida who wiggled down the aisle dressed up in cute animal costumes to Kindergarten farmers who grooved on some foot tapping bhangra beats, to Form 1 percussionists on various instrument, to the Pre- Nursery birds who danced amidst the heavy parent crowd and Nursery singers singing beautifully to introduce the farm. They rounded it up amazingly with a Grand Finale- an extravaganza of colours. The applauses throughout motivated our students on the stage.
There is no end to the learning, experiences and fun that the students had. Singing in chorus, moving and swaying to the right angle, playing instruments, getting into the character, pre-recording of songs, handling of props and much more.

Every student and teacher took pride on being a part of the ‘Rhyme-Time’ Day. It surely was an event to cherish and remember.

P.A.T.H - Pathways Annual Technical Hangout by Geetanjali Diwan Head ICT

The first inter-school Technology festival at Pathways Noida created a buzz. Not only because of the exciting variety of competitions for all age groups from Primary to Middle to Senior. But also because of two unique features – a Tech Slam like the popular Google Slam. And because this was not just an event for students, but also included a brainstorming and sharing by teachers on the use of technology in education.
    On 1 May 2015, schools across the NCR participated in The Pathways Annual Technical Hangout. Teams were challenged to put in their best in various events spanning across the Primary,  Middle and Senior School segments including Spotting the bug in codes in Java, Cryptography,Website                                     Tech Slam Winner                          designing, Movie Making, Movie Mashup, Gaming, Tech Relay , Photography, Junk Art ,Comic Strip as well as Book creation amongst the main stream events.
The two unique events held for the first time on such a platform had participation from the boldest members. One, named Tech Slam had student participants who had to come up and present a geeky tip within one minute. The other event was aimed at providing educators a              Audio Mixing                              platform to hangout and share. This was the Teacher Hangout, in which Teachers shared within 5 minutes how Technology had made a difference to the delivery of content in their classrooms.

The events had both external as well as internal judges .

The external judges were:
Mr Ankur Rohatgi, an Education Technology professional from IL&FS, with a special focus on the Internet of Things and Smart Homes, Mr Utkarsh Lokesh, Director of EdTech Review, Ms. Sapna Bhatia, CEO of TV News International and Film Director, Ms Ameeta Sachdeva Artist, Ms Saloni Mangal, Operations Director and Head of Delivery, HCL,Europe, Mr Umesh Kalia, Operations Director and Head of e-Commerce & Multi-channel,HCL
Overall trophy won by Step by Step School, Noida
The ICT Faculty along with other Teachers and Administrative department members as well as members of the student council along with student volunteers from Form 9 worked hard towards the success of the event.The standard of entries was high. Competition was tough. While students of our school performed very well and won many awards and positions, the overall trophy was bagged by Step By Step School, Noida .
In the words of Steve Aoki,
'Neon Future' is, in short, a positive outlook on human progress and technology, looking forward to a bright, colorful utopia.
We look forward to this event as did the rest of the visiting schools to be held next year as well!

‘Tech for Change’by Mehr Chawla Gr 8

Some people prefer to spend lives doing the same things and avoiding change.
Others, however, think that change is always a good thing. I relish the latter. Each individual gets a chance to bring a change in their own, or someone else’s life. Some, embrace it with a smile while some refute it and stick to their stereotype routines. And then there are those who want to make change. I believe I am one of them, the ones who want to bring about a change in the society and make the society a better place to live in. But, unfortunately the problem was “How do I bring out that change?” The solution to the problem came in the form of an e-mail.

Following my same old routine of a weekday, an e-mail popped up in my inbox from Ms. Aprajita stating that me and an acquaintance of mine had been given an
“opportunity to be a part of the Core Team and engage with students from other schools to brainstorm the programme, agenda, workshop themes, the 'Tech for Change’ Project.” To say the least, I was ecstatic.

The ‘Tech for Change’ Project is a project led by an organization called Learn Today which is an Education Technology Summit.
The theme for this subject is “I am the Change” which evolves around the belief that when we, the students, take it upon ourselves for our own learning we will be able to capture and concentrate on a given idea or concept that interests us. This allows us to have more depth on our understanding. Furthermore, it encourages us to be active learners, while have different perspectives on a particular concept and having access to an open-mind towards new ways of active learning. Moreover, the aim of this forum is when school heads, teachers, and students collaboratively recognise the potential in innovation and leadership and come out with effective and efficient technology solutions for a social change.

The Summit is being held at Vasant Valley School, Vasant Kunj. On 7th May – Thursday – My friend  Dhruv ,And I accompanied by Ms. Aprajita headed towards the school for the workshop that explained about the whole Summit and its process. When the session started, we were given a quick simulation of what would happen on the final day of the Summit.
We were informed that the Summit was being held on the 9th and 10th of October, when from each school two student representatives will showcase a problem and an efficient solution on the same. Moreover, it will involve schools all around India and will have around 100 schools. Then, after a quick break we were divided into four teams: “The Concept Note”, “The Programme”, “The Rubric” and “The Case Study”. Each group having its own set of functions that will contribute at the final day of The Summit. After the workshop we expressed our gratitude to the organizers and went back to our school (blooming with ideas).

I would like to conclude by saying the ‘Tech for Change’ Project is a great opportunity for schools all over India as it lets us identify a real-life problem and provide a solution for it, using sustainable and cost-effective technology. Additionally, I would like to thank Dr. Advani, Ms. Sunanda and Ms Aprajita for giving us an opportunity to be on such a great platform that gives us an opportunity to bring about a change in the society

CAS Interact Club Initiatives by Mehak Singhal, Director, Interact club

Relief materials collected for Nepal 
 We have all been avidly watching the news and reading the newspapers about the earthquake that has struck Nepal. Nature's fury has led to a great loss of lives of loved ones, homes, livelihoods and so much more. The locals have been suffering from starvation and a dire need for tents, potable water, food, medication, warm clothes and woolens etc has arisen. At such an occasion, all that matters is that our fellow humans need our help and we at Pathways believe that it is our responsibility to rise to such occasions and work together to help those in need.
The Pathways School Interact Club organized a collection drive for Nepal to help the victims. Through an assembly presentation and by sending out mails to the entire Pathways community, an awareness drive was carried out to sensitize the community to the needs of Nepal. Carton boxes were placed out at the entrance to secondary building and the entire Pathways community was asked to make liberal contributions both in cash and kind.
We received a truly overwhelming response from both the Primary and Secondary school students, teachers as well as parents and large cartons of warm clothes, blankets, medicines, packed food items, clothes, dry ration, sanitary and hygiene products were collected. Additionally monetary contributions were also received for an amount of Rs. 1.30 lacs aprox. The collected items are being dispatched to the relief organisation named ‘Helping Hands’ who will be distributing these materials effectively to Nepal.

It was heartwarming to see how the Pathways community contributed to the cause wholeheartedly. The Interact club students would like to sincerely thank all the parents, teachers and students for all their contributions.

Bringing  Smiles ..
It has been very rightly said, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”. Keeping this in mind, the Interact Club decided to adopt, “Sai Bal Sansar”,

a school for less privileged in Noida. The students of this school have been associated with our CAS programme for over a year. The students from this school visit our school every Friday and our DP students have been tutoring them in English , IT skills and varied sports. We students, as a part of the CAS programme also had the opportunity to visit this school and were very concerned to see the dilapidated condition of the school building.
The walls had cracks and there were lose wires all over, which posed a serious threat. The rooms were not well lit and not well equipped with furniture and fittings.  The Sai Bal Sansar students were very keen learners and the tough conditions in which they studied moved us. The interact club then decided to take up a project to renovate this school.
An initial survey was conducted by our school maintenance team to understand the requirements and a budget was drawn out. The Interact club with the support of student community and parents conducted a series of fund raisers at school and managed to raise a significant amount of Rs. 2.50 lacs which was donated to the school authorities for renovation. With the sum collected, the painting of walls was carried out, electrical work completed and basic furniture installed.
Further to this, the students of Interact club also decided to paint the interior walls of the school based on educational themes to improve the ambience of the school and improve the learning environment for the students. The design of walls was carefully planned out by the students. A group of 9 students took up this as a CAS project. We were divided into groups of 3 and each group took responsibility to paint a room. The team was formed in collaboration with students of Sai Bal Sansar who also participated in all stages of planning, layout design and finally the painting of the interior wall. The entire task from planning to completion of painting work took us nearly 4 months.
This was an exhilarating and altruistic activity. At the same time interaction with the students of Sai Bal Sansar School helped develop a deep sense of bonding with them. Working with enamel and spray paints and exploring our skills at art was true fun. When we finally saw the walls take shape, it was a fulfilling experience.  Our efforts at adding colour to the walls, had indeed borne fruit. On May 8th, 2015, the school was formally handed over to the Principal of Sai Bal Sansaar school by Dr. Advani and Mr. Abraham in the presence of our students and students of Sai Bal Sansar.
We hope this small effort on our pat will help the students of Sai Bal Sansar avail a better learning environment.

The Match with Salaam Baalak Trust by Samarth Khanna Gr 6 B

We had a friendly football match with the football team of Salaam

Baalak trust against our school the 6th graders.

The match was organized by the community service club of the middle school. I was really excited and looking forward to that glorious match. This was my first football match in Pathways, so it was a pretty precious match for me. I could see my studs shining because of the bright sun.
We had a lot of substitutions in case anybody got hurt or was not playing well. As soon as the match started I was biting my nails and had Goosebumps. No sooner the match started I was substituted. I could hear my heartbeat and could feel the crowd and my fellow friends cheering me that really boosted my confidence. As soon as the first goal was struck the team was very nervous that what was going to happen. The guests from Salaam Baalak Trust was playing extremely well with all skills in place and accurate passes. Unfortunately we lost 3-0 but we learnt a lot of new things.
Although, I felt that it was a one sided game because the people were older than us, but then I thought they do not have the facilities we do. So, it was nice sharing what we have and learning the skills from them .The surprising thing was that all of them were in 6th grade because in the trust children are put in to classes according to their knowledge and understanding. After that we showed sportsmanship by congratulating them. We also clicked pictures afterwards. It was a great experience; I am looking forward to another match

Career Counsellor's visit to US Universities by Ms. Deblina Chakraborty, Careers and Guidance Counsellor

I was happy to be given an opportunity to participate in a Counselor Tour to the US for two weeks in the Spring of 2015 We travelled from the University of California system on the west coast to some public and private universities in the Mid-west and finally moved to the State University of New York system on the east coast. We visited Public  Private and Jesuit Colleges of small, medium and large sizes. Our experience of campus culture, interaction with Admissions staff and faculty, campus tours with the international student community and formal dinners with the President and Provost of some universities and all of this culminating in a mad discussion within the group after we got back to our hotel has enriched us with meaningful insights on career and college guidance.

Undoubtedly, it is a land of ample opportunity, a melting pot of diverse cultures and it presents an education system that breathes. Every university is committed to supporting students and is open for students to walk in and be advised on how to plan the structure of the courses that they opt for, the credits that they can get for each of the courses they take up, the exemptions that they are entitled to, on how to optimize their credits and derive maximum value from the courses that they select. They also assist and empower students to prepare LinkedIn profiles and arrange coop and internship opportunities for students. The Admissions Office also keeps track of attendance and performance and works with the students to identify areas of concern. The key piece in this is that, while support services are available, it is the responsibility of the student to avail of them.

The favorite major that students apply for at the Undergraduate level in the US is ‘undeclared’. This fact in itself shows the flexibility of the US system. Quite realistically, 17 year olds are allowed to explore their areas of interest and may also change the major in the third or fourth semester of UG studies. The students are assisted to strategize their program with information and advice from the Admissions office.

The nature of academics is extremely hands-on and relevant. A Business student can trade in stocks in a simulated Stock exchange on campus and gets academic credit for this. Students from all courses, across Departments work together on real projects that are undertaken in response to social and environmental issues. We were witness to the creation of low-cost, sustainable dwelling units that students were creating and would be producing on a large scale after testing. Students need to work with real employers during Summers and they either get paid at minimum wages or above or are awarded academic credit for the experience.

As career and college guidance professionals, we need to initiate the process of career awareness among students from Grade 9 onwards. On the one hand, students need to prepare for academic performance, take standardized tests for benchmarking, explore areas of interest and work collaboratively with peer group and faculty. On the other hand, parents and students must meet experts and discuss university plans, look up reviews and testimonials about colleges and finally, get to know oneself and what makes one happy.

This combination of building personal competence and aligning that competence to admission requirements is a complicated process and the journey should begin in Grade 9 and should be bolstered with a pre-departure orientation after Grade 12. At this stage, it is imperative for students to know the importance of maintaining the visa ‘in status’ and be aware of the stringent visa regulations which can make it difficult to get Internships. However, US visa allows 1 year of OPT (Optional Professional Training) as against Canada which allows 3 years and UK which allows none.

The thoughts are overflowing but the overriding feeling is that there is a fit for every student in the vast country of 4500 universities and the difference in the infrastructure and  quality of instruction among all the colleges is little. This means that the ranking of a university can often be misleading as the criteria of evaluation may or may not be a relevant factor when deciding the best fit. It is a struggle against our mindset which is, as Mark Twain says, in order to make a man or boy covet a thing, it is only necessary to make the thing difficult to attain.

Clubs : Middle & Senior School

Middle School Clubs Perspective

Middle school is a dynamic time in lives of adolescents and pathways middle school scholars are no exception! Ore changes occur more changes occur during this period of time than in any other time in their lives with the exception of birth through age 2. Academic Social emotional and physical maturation are important, but a layer of fun and the development of lifelong relationship are the icing on this cake at Pathways.

To further enhance the icing, student club programs has been an essential part in Middle school. Middle School clubs provide opportunities to engage in activities outside the classroom.
It allow for the expression of already existing passions and the discovery of new ones, provide leadership opportunities and advance service work, both in the Pathways community and beyond its walls. Students work collaboratively with classmates and students from other grades, develop cooperative skills and engage in fun extracurricular learning.

Students are encouraged to choose a different club activity every year which enables wider experience and thereby develop their talents. The various clubs on offer are –
Robotics & Science Club, Chess Club, Community Service Club, Public Speaking Club, Mandarin Language Club, Coding Club, Drama, Dance, Indian & Western Music Clubs, Cooking Club and Graphic Designing.

Some of the student’s testimonials 

In the drama club we have adopted many skills like on the spot thinking and thinking over a stimulus and creating a play. We even learnt how to cooperate with our fellow actors.
Rishab Menon, Drama Club

I feel the Community Service club really put the world around us in perspective. There are the few, like us, who are fortunate to obtain a good education and life. Then there is the many, who have few to little opportunities for a good life. It is our duty to create these opportunities for them.
Ishaan Gupta, CS Club 

We learnt how to play different instruments such as djembe, conga, bongo and dholak. We leant new Taal (tunes) and beats, Overall we loved the percussion club as we have the passion for percussion instruments and the club helped us get better at them.  The teacher was awesome and supported us throughout.

Shivangveer Singh & Sangmin Lee, Indian Music

Senior School Clubs Perspective
In the senior school club assembly, we showcased all the learning, and performances we had learned throughout the year. It was a great sight to watch our mates performing and sharing their learning in front of the school.
heard some beautiful and melodies music by the Music club. The music they performed was sensational and beautiful. Then the Robotics club showed their learning experience through sharing some knowledge they had with the audience. Their sketch up skills were amazing.  The cookery club showed us some mouthwatering dishes with a knowledgeable quiz about the food ingredients and thanked Ms Maneet Singh, the parent who had run it.

We also saw some glimpse of the work and projects done by the Art group in this year. Their models were very innovative with some brilliant ideas. We saw some beautiful photographs by the Photography club. The knowledge they shared to with us was really helpful, like one when they told us about the aperture control. The Pottery club showed us some of their beautiful design and methods. They mentioned some very informative videos and pictures in their presentation.

The Drama club’s act was full of emotions and with a great moral. Their act was very sensational and the assembly would have been incomplete without it. The Vocal music group’s song had a very good melody and tone. At last the dance club’s performance was full of energy and was performed with great spirit.
Finally, I would say that clubs are something which develop our talent and gives us a stage and chance to show it to the people. It is a platform which is given to us for showing and improve our talent shaping it into something great. These talents can also turn out to be our passion or profession later in life. 

Grade 5 trip to Gazipur landfill site by Ms. Kriti Nigam, Form Tutor, Form 5

The trip to Gazipur landfill site on 9th March 2015 was a reality check for the students. In the morning before we proceeded for the trip, children had were talking about the landfill and what it might look like. As soon as we approached the landfill site children wore masks to protect themselves; the first reactions were… “is it a mountain?” “It is so huge!” “is all this garbage?” “Where is it coming from?”…As we assembled, children started asking rapid fire questions… ‘if it a landfill , why is it so huge?’ ‘ Do people really live near such garbage?’ ‘Why isn’t there a recycling plant?’

We were standing right next to the board that claimed that this piece of green patch right in front of the enormous pile of garbage was in fact a Gas Capturing Pilot Project by GAIL India Ltd. Which was now closed due to some reasons. Also, in the horizon we could see a red chimney which was Waste to Energy Plant which was closed down due to the air pollution.

Children pointed out that we are looking at similar waste management solutions for our future cities. Children were shocked to hear that Delhi produces 8000 metric tonnes of garbage every day. Some children observed that the pile included all kinds of waste and wanted to know how it was segregated. Ms. Neha informed them that rag pickers segregated the waste here. The question “How could people work in this environment ? Do they wear protective clothes? Don’t they fall sick? They were surprised to know that the green patch they had stood upon was covering the earlier landfill and that the Indraprasth Gardens was also on top of a Landfill site.

The next stop was the Sweccha Office at Saket. This office was special as it is India’s first upcycled office. Children were fascinated to see their surroundings and observe Paint cans used as lampshades. There was a discussion on what could we do as children, how could we contribute towards recycling. It was heartwarming to see children realize that the garbage needed to be sorted and disposed off properly right at the source that is our houses then in colonies and further. The trip ended with children visiting the manufacturing unit. Overall, this trip made children realise that the we are the ones who generate waste, waste needs to be sorted at the source and that before we use ,buy or make something new …we need to ask ourselves… ‘Do we really need it?’ As a responsible person how we could reduce , reuse , recycle and upcycle.

Health News by School Nurse Ms Santosh Sharma

A child's health is always a cause for concern to parents. Good health is necessary for proper growth and development both physical and mental. Keeping this fact in mind we have been conducting health check-ups for students every year since beginning. The purpose behind these check-up s is to diagnose any disease at initial stage and treat it in time e.g. vision problems, anemia etc.
 The annual medical check-up for students was organized on 8th, 9th and 10th of April 2015 at Health Centre,
Pathways school , Noida. Camp was organized in association with Max Hospitals, sec-19, Noida. A team of 3 Doctors including 1 Eye specialist, 1 Physician, 1 ENT, 1Technician, 1 Optometrist, and a Nurse had come to the school.  A physical examination along with thorough Eye check-up and ENT consultation were provided by the hospital. Dental check-up was done by Dr. Priyank Jayna and Dr. Seema.

 A total of 707 students underwent the Health Check-up.  

16 May 2015

Highlights of recent Sports Events by Mr. Deepak Thakur, Head of Physical Education Department


Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated; it satisfies the soul and frustrates the intellect. It is at the same time rewarding and maddening - and it is without a doubt the greatest game mankind has ever invented.- Arnold Palmer

Pathways School Noida Golf team played a series of 5 Golf matches at Jaypee Golf Course, Greater Noida from January 2015 to May 2015. There were schools like Step By Step Noida, British School Delhi, DPS School which participated in the competition along with various individual student participation
from Delhi NCR. Our Golf team performed very well in the tournament by securing the Overall Team Championship after winning 4 Gold, 13 Silver and 8 Bronze Medals.

Winners : Diva Gandhi, Anandita Ralli, Vansh Gupta


Pathways School Noida Boys won a Basketball match with DPS Noida  with a final score of 17-10.


Our Primary School Soccer Boys team played a match against Shiv Nadar School Noida in our school soccer field on 6th May, 2015 and won match with a score of 2-1.  Keshav Sahani and Aarav Jain score 1 goal each. The team was very happy for their 2nd victory of the year.


'Every day is a new opportunity. You can build on yesterday's success or put its failures behind and start over again. That's the way life is, with a new game every day, and that's the way baseball is.' - Bob Feller

An introductory Baseball workshop was conducted for students of
Form 4 & 5, Form 8 and Form 9 during their PE classes in the month of April 2015. It was a good learning for our students as all the students were involved and enjoyed the game baseball and are looking forward to set the team for Baseball league which will be starting in next academic year. The academy will help our school in setting the school baseball team. The glimpses of workshop can also be viewed at :