24 October 2015

Parenting Workshop in the Primary, Ms. Kriti Nigam, Form Tutor Gr 5

Building on the partnership with the parents to provide a holistic developmental environment for the children, Pathways school Noida, in collaboration with Parvarish Institute of Parenting hosted a workshop on 10th October 2015 focusing on the changing role of parents.

The parents shared their concerns and behavioral challenges they faced while dealing with their child. They ranged from resisting to try something new to social interaction, sibling rivalry and many more. Everyone identified with the issues raised by them at some level or the other. As parents, we all shared the vision and the need for a child to grow up to be confident, adaptable, having intrinsic values and possessing sound decision making skills. But, as all were looking for easy solutions, it was a surprise to realize during the discussion that Parents and teachers are the role models that the children try to emulate and that they are ones who can bring a difference to the children's lives. Through some reflective exercises and  exchange of views, the audience was made to reflect on the opportunity and the modelling they can provide as parents. The importance of
communication to understand the child and a non-judgmental environment for the child to thrive in couldn’t  have been stressed more effectively. Towards the end of this reflective session the take away was a list of all the good practices we would like to continue in our family, things we are going to stop to provide an apt model of behavior for the child and the things we would like to begin to strengthen the bond we have with our children. Overall , it was an enriching experience for everyone where we all realized that a small change in our outlook  could make a world of a difference for our child.