20 April 2015

From the Director's Desk

As everyone knows this has been a period of intense activity in our Classrooms Without Walls programme. Jharokha was followed by
the Adventure Camps, both providing lasting learning experiences in different ways. Jharokha welcomed inventiveness and problem-solving as unusual and ingenious solutions came up to envisioning cities of the future. And the adventure camps which you can read more about in this update taught children how to enjoy adventure as they went on night treks or simply shared a tent with a classmate.

End of Year Academics
As we begin to move to the end of the semester, the focus has shifted again to formal learning. However the final task in their
learning journey has a huge variety. At one end is the formal system which all parents are familiar with.  The external exams for the IGCSE and IB Diploma are looming and students from Grade 10 & 12 have proceeded on extended preparatory leave. The Graduation of Form 12 students which marks this phase is always a moment of both sadness and optimism and you can read more about it below.

In contrast to final examinations, is the Exhibition at the end of Primary school. 
The Grade 5 students had a wonderfully successful PYP Exhibition on the Central Idea of Sharing Spaces Responsibly Can Help Sustain Life on Earth. Whatever grade you are related to, I urge you to view the depth of their learning, the variety of activities and their profound understanding through the website at http://www.pypexhibition2015.weebly.com/ . It would make a senior school teacher happy.
     Meanwhile Grade 8 students are preparing for their end of year Personal Project presentations open to all Middle School parents. While they do also have an end of year exam, the Personal Project presentation is an important part of their learning, usually done in the MYP by Grade 10.  A variety of writings, technology related and performance related products will be on display.

Learning for Adults
 There is a direct correlation between the learning of students and of teachers. In a world of ever-expanding knowledge, all adults need to be learners, to keep pace with new ideas.
The senior school Principal Mr Abraham and I attended the IB annual Conference in Macau. We discussed the new developments and changes being implemented in the IB at all levels and learnt about the exciting new MYP assessment in Grade 10. Equally valuable is the setting up of connections and relationships with schools around the region. As a follow up we conducted a feedback session for all secondary staff.
Meanwhile both PYP and MYP teachers have been to a SAIBSA meet in Mumbai, of teachers from IB schools in India. Our teachers were invited to contribute their planning and the MYP Coordinator Anshu Sharma was the leader of a session. A total of 9 teachers attended and have come back with learning and a renewed confidence in how we are planning and teaching.

New Year Schedule
Finally I would like to share in good time the opening date for the new academic year. The first day of school is July 29th so please do make your summer plans to ensure that you are back in school on time.

Dr.  Shalini Advani
School Director

From the Middle School Principal, Mrs. Sunanda Sandhir

“In times of change, learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.”– Eric Hoffer

Today’s child has high degree of awareness levels as his world extends beyond books to array of information through media, social networks, technology etc. Therefore all adults’ teachers or parents have also become learners as they endeavor to become a part of child’s world.

We keep this in mind at Pathways as we provide various learning opportunities not only for children, but for parents too. In response to the need expressed by a number of parents we were happy to arrange one such workshop on ‘parenting’ an adolescent conducted by Parwarish. The aim was to support parents to develop positive relationship with their child through creating a warm supportive environment.

Back to School is another such event in middle school where the parents attend classes as students and experience for themselves as to how their child learns in the school.

 Five of our teachers went to Mumbai to be a part of MYP SAIBSA -South Asia International Baccalaureate Schools Association which aims to facilitate communication with authorized and implementing IB schools in the South Asia region. Ms. Anshu Sharma was one of the speakers at the Science session.

Two day Leadership workshops were organized for all Middle School students .These workshops were conducted by Youreka. The aim was to help students develop their self-confidence, take initiatives and develop empathy among other things. This was facilitated learning through group discussions, team building exercises and on-going tasks.

This semester Form 6 students attended a talk by Mr. Umang Bhattacharya who is Creative director at the New Delhi-based design firm Design Workshop.
Form 7 visited Dastkar – a craft exhibition and also worked with the Bamboo craftsmen at the school’s Design Technology Lab, to create the Bamboo products which were designed by the students.

As Form 8 students move to IGCSE in the next session, they attended a career guidance Pathfinders workshop to enable them to understand their competencies and strengths which helps them choose their subjects. A presentation was held where parents and students interacted with teachers to begin planning their subject choices for the next year.

Opportunities as mentioned above and many more are provided to our students which enables them grow in a healthy and positive environment where everyone is developing progressively and learning all along. 

Jharokha, Cities of the future !!

 Primary Perspective..- Sanketh Hotchandani, Gr 5
This week on Friday we had Jharokha!!! We had been working hard on our city the whole week and the work really paid off. On Tuesday we started making the plan for the city as Aryan’s Mom and Prisha’s dad came in to help us. They both had experience so that helped us to understand the main concept.  We had decided to have the requirements of a city, like residential complexes, offices, malls, metro stations, roads and many more.
Then we also added some places in the city to help other living organisms such as artificial biomes, green belts, forests and more. From Wednesday, parents started coming in to help us with our projects. They helped us a lot with our models and gave us lots of ideas for our city. We carried on working and by the end of Thursday our city was complete. We had decided to call it “Sci-5 City”. On the day of Jharokha, we all were really nervous as we were competing with seniors and we hoped that they liked our city. Personally I was in the second group of students and I had to talk about a Master Plan.

I basically talked about the problem I foresee of over population and there will be not enough residential areas and how it will lead to unplanned city. Then I said how we have estimated the amount of population in the future and if we keep residents at top priority we can have enough space for every one but because the malls and offices are taking up loads of space, there is no space for residents. At the end of the day we went around visiting other models and cities and we had great fun!!!

P.S: A special thanks to all the parents who came and helped us through out this process and we really appreciate it !!!

My First Jharokha Experience 2014-15 by Katyani Mehra Grade 9
On March 13th 2015, Pathways World School was sparkling with enthusiasm and creativity. This being my first experience with Jharokha, I was indeed nervous to finally showcase a model I, along with my group, had been working on for over two weeks and put immense hard work into. The ground floor of the secondary building was dynamic, bright and vivid with models, projects and artworks all around.
This year, the theme was ‘Future Cities’ which I thought was appropriate as every day, a new invention is introduced to our world that benefits us environmentally as well as personally. We were motivated to think outside the box with helpful guidelines and support from teachers who encouraged us with our ideas and plans. To be honest, starting the brainstorming process was the most challenging step as my group; Mantika Singh, Varshikha Jyoti, Aditi Agarwal, Radhika Gupta I, had our individual inputs that we wanted considered. During this process, we learnt to be open-minded and appreciate each other’s ideas which definitely sped up our journey. Fortunately, our brain juices were flowing the day we came up with our final decision for the two categories; working model for transportation and a depictive model that showes a new idea to save energy and reduce carbon footprints. After several ideas and a few quarrels, we finally started gathering our materials and working on our models.
In the span of two weeks, all five of us met up, bought all the materials we needed (of course, trying to be eco-friendly) and begun our model foundations. The depictive model we chose was of a future city that will have noise absorbers on every street lamp that will absorb noise up to a certain decibel, buildings representing vertical farming for space conservation, more oxygen and keeping the temperature cool especially in extremely hot cities like Delhi as well as buildings that will have compulsory solar panels on their roofs. For our working model, we made a car that had a small hand vacuum inside of it that represented a solar powered vacuum that will sense trash on the streets and pick it up while driving. We thought it was quite an innovative idea that will appeal to the judges as well as the audience.
When the day finally arrived, we set up our stations with our models ready for showcase. Each one of us divided responsibilities and whenever somebody came to see our model, we made sure to give them as much information as possible so they can get a clear idea of what we want our future to consist of. Even walking around the building and seeing other groups’ projects made us knowledgeable and it was incredible to see how innovative Pathwayzians really are. None of this would have been possible without our hard-working teachers who made every aspect of this day a big success and one that I’m sure we won’t forget!

The Art Side

Graduation Day 2015

At the final stages of a long journey of academic and social preparations, the most memorable day in a student’s life was celebrated on April 10 – The Graduation Ceremony of 2015. The beautifully decorated space was a fitting setting for this important transition in the lives of Grade 12.

Family, friends and faculty of The Class of 2015 gathered at Pathways School Noida to revel in the joys of the day and to shower their good wishes and blessings on the students as they crossed the threshold and marked the beginnings of a new chapter in their lives. The ceremony began with the stately procession of the students led by the senior school faculty and the lighting of the lamp by the Chief Guest, Mr. Ajoy Bose, Senior Journalist, political commentator and author,  Mr. Praveen Jain, Mr. Prashant Jain, Mr. Prabhat Jain, Dr. Advani, Mr. Abraham and Ms. Geeta Verma.

With messages and good wishes from the Chief Guest and the School Director, the Special Awards were announced. There were emotional and reflective speeches by the Valedictorian Supriya Ganesh, the President of the Student Council Sameera Khurana, the IB Coordinator and the Senior School Principal.

The graduation of students was symbolically marked with their lighting the flame of knowledge – a light passed on to them by Dr. Advani, Mr. Abraham and Ms.Verma. And then the final ceremony to mark their graduation –
the turning of the tassel, at the gavel sound by the Principal. On cue the graduates turned the tassels and tossed their caps. The celebration concluded with a dinner tastefully laid out on the school lawns which sparkled with light and festivity. 

Bake Sale - An Interact Initiative - Bhavika Hotchandani Dy. Director – Interact club

On the 13th of March 2015, Pathways School Noida hosted the annual science and art exhibition: Jharoka.

To increase the excitement of the event, the Interact Club held their first fund-raiser: the Bake Sale. The funds thus collected would be added to the Interact funds and used for renovation work at Sai Bal Sansar school, a school for the less privileged in Noida. A wide variety of delicious cakes and cookies as well as some refreshing punch was available throughout the day to be relished by everyone. Volunteers behind the counter were busy all the time with not a moment to spare, delighted to serve high-spirited students, teachers and parents. The event was a huge success where a total amount of Rs. 51290 was raised. As this was the first event organized by the new committee, there were ups and down … But then again, mistakes are to be learnt from and as a team we have developed our organizational skills and have become stronger and are better prepared for future events. 

Primary Camps

KG Trip to the Stellar Museum, Ms. Neha Arora, Form Tutor KG
Play is fun and play is so much learning as well.
Stellar Children’s Museum could well be deemed as a never ending play area for the kids and at the same time, for the elders it could be an interactive session with loads of learning for the children.  Simple and colorful installations and do-it-yourself tasks based on well researched themes make all the seven exhibits immediately engaging and amusing.

The stations explore the areas related to basic mechanism behind air, gravity, magnetism, water, gear movement, art and paint and many more for the children to perform repeatedly simple functions. It automatically leads to enormous joy for the young minds. 

Spaces like glass wall to paint, where the children were thrilled to see the wet paint dripping down as they randomly made their brushes travel or the pin art wall, where even for an elder it created a bursting desire to push your face on one side and see the emerging impression on the other sided pins, were just some of the areas I am mentioning. There were many more like this. A delightfully pretty pretend play zone soon became the center of attraction. With a downsized supermarket, house, school and a medical room, it was an instant hit amongst our youngsters.

It seemed like any number of hours would be less for the children to explore. The remarkable water play unit, jungle themed Explore It unit with its tunnels and hanging ropes and the Discover It unit with its interactive geographical information were engaging to the core. The Invent It gallery had an interesting Air Wall where children could see how scarves and paper cups behave when a gust of wind blows in a confined space.

Well, our children just wanted to be like them, circling inside the museum with     
no intention of being taken out.      

Gr 2 Tikkling Adventure Camp – Ms. Upasna  and Ms. Belinda, Form Tutors Grade 2

Our Grade 2’s set off to an adventure camp “Tikkling” surrounded to by extensive wilderness of rocky Aravalis from the three sides.
The camp had everything that kept the children on their toes conqueror their fears, become independent, experience village life, sleeping in tents and acquire new silks, roughing it out without baths, leaving the comfort of their homes and eating meals independently.

The children independently learnt to group themselves into two groups and called themselves Camp rockers and White tigers under the guidance of instructors. In their respective groups learnt to make flags and hoist them in front of their tents which give then a sense of independence and leadership.
Trekking to the village was an eye opener for the children, where they actually experienced the difference between urban and rural life. They gained knowledge by seeing cows being brought back from grazing in the fields, being feed and given water. Through inquiry, curiosity, questioning, they began to understand the ways of life in a village.
Trekking up the mountains was not only fun for the children but a challenging experience of overcoming fears, dangers of climbing and looking at nature from a birds eye view. They even tried to analyzed height and distance, turn and twist ‘in the path they climbed.
 The children learnt the skill and technique of tenting pitching by actually setting up a tent themselves, when they followed the step by step process given to them by the instructors.
A day filled with activities of learning, acquiring new skills, learning new techniques, perseverance, being competent, lead the children to take up the challenge to experience various activities such as; Mountain climbing, Zip – line, Commando crawl, Hop scotch, Gorilla Cave, Bean Balance etc. Tractor rides and camel rides was an experience where the children acquired the skill of co-operation, communicating their feelings, respect and concern for each.
A camp fire was the high light of camp where the children gathered together near the fire of fun and frolic; they sang the camp song and many other songs as well. They even began to socialize, get to know each other better and develop sense of respect for each other.

Gr 3 trip to Garh Mukhteshwar -  Ms. Aruna Jha, Form Tutor-3B

Form 3 ventured out on an Experiential Learning Program – A 3-day trip to Garh Mukhteshwar. The Baghaan Orchard welcomed us with sounds of buzzing bees, chirping birds, peacocks and miles and miles of greenery laden with wheat fields and mango trees. The sight of immense nature and beauty left us spell bound.
Visiting and interacting with village students was an amazing experience for the young learners. Village students introduced themselves in English and answered questions pertaining to their school life. A buffalo ride to the village, and visit to the Pradhan’s house was a unique experience . It took us all around the residential area and across rich fields. Tube wells, jaggery making mini mills, cattle dung, huts, and children playing on the narrow lanes of the village, smiling and curious faces of the villagers greeted us as we past them on a slow and bumpy transport.
The Pradhan’s family welcomed us warmly and offered hand knitted charpoys to rest. They showed us mulching of cattle, and their water outlet – a hand pump that was tried by our students. After a look around their house and living, we returned to our cottages. Sumptuous dinner, some evening play and musical program ended our busy and exhausting day and we retired for the night.
Next morning we left for Fort Unchgaon that stood majestically in village Unchgaon. The present Raja Surendra Pal Singh inherited this early 19th century fort in 1927. The palace exposed us to an old zamindari life style, still preserving traditions. Our students enjoyed the lush gardens around the fort. Pottery making was our next engagement and children loved it. The evening was wrapped up with outdoor games – cricket, soccer, Frisbee and mind blowing talent show. Students confidently performed in a dance and musical show and we retired for the night. Next morning we packed up for our journey back to school.

Students did return with a feeling of confidence as they realized that they could manage themselves even if they are away from home for a while.

Middle School Camps

Grade 6 Camps Ranthambore by Nandini Gaur, Tanvi Amrit and Anarghya Saxena 

The camps!!! What can I say????
They were just too good. We were happy, excited and what not. We even used to count down for the big event to arrive. Once the day came at last…………………..we just couldn’t believe it. We were off to Ranthambore, leaving our homes and enjoying with our friends; all the while getting to know them better. 
Day I
Waking up at 3 a.m. in the morning???? I guess we’re growing up, that is a part of growing, isn’t it???? Assembling near the buses was the time when everything seemed like…..like we’re going forever, and we just didn’t know what to feel. Happy and excited that we’re finally going for camps, or sad that we’re leaving our parents and our homes???? Although it was confusing, but we knew that this time would come, when we would be forgetting our daily habits and feeling different for four days.
We got into the buses and bid our parents goodbye. Ahead of us was a long journey. At least six hours!! We knew that this was all for a good cause.  But think of it, SIX HOURS. During the first bus journey we were given chits and that was for forming teams. The teams were Eagles, Leopards, Bears, Hyenas and Tigers. We travelled from bus to train and after that long train journey, back to a bus and finally……………………to the camp site. It was wonderful (although we were very exhausted).
We assembled at the reception of Om Rudra Priya Hotel. We were very anxious and curious about our roommates. Soon, the names were given out. Most of us were happy with our roommates, but the ones who weren’t comfortable, soon got to know them better. This was the case with me too. I got to know my roommate better and soon all of us were best friends. So this way, the camps helped us get to know each other better and making new friends.
Later, we moved to our rooms and rested because we were very exhausted. It was fun exploring our room. But next it was time for a photography session. We learned some photography techniques.
It was now evening. We assembled in the garden and played tug of war. It was a tournament between the teams. After the first half, we had a cultural session where there was Rajasthani music in the garden and a girl danced to it.
After the cultural session, we had our dinner in the hotel restaurant. After eating, we were found in our rooms, ready to go to sleep. 
The camps were a way for us to learn new photography skills and to respect nature. It was fun as well as a new learning for us as we explored the wildlife at Ranthambore. It was all worth it.
Day 2
The next day we went for a fort visit. We woke up in the morning at 5:30 and ate our quick morning snack and went to the fort. It was located on the top of 2 hills. There were about 200 hundred steps in the whole fort! We came to know much about the history of the fort and how it was named. This was also our first ride into the canters. The jungle was so green. We spotted beautiful birds and deer. Unfortunately we didn’t spot any tigers, though we got to know about warning calls and friendships between deer and monkeys because of tigers. Afterwards we had breakfast and photography session before lunch.  After lunch we went for our first safari, we didn’t spot any tigers but saw mongoose, birds, lmonkeys, deer and that’s about it. That day we had a tug of war tournament between all five groups.
Day 3
As usual, we were given the wakeup call at 5:30 am and we got ready to have the snacks at the swimming pool area.
Then we got into the canters for a village visit. We went down to the village and saw lots of school children there. They also joined us in the canters. Soon we found an open place to play in. Then we were given partners and we needed to stay with them. We spoke to them and found out something about their lives - what all they do the whole day. We were divided into two teams  - the boys played ‘kho kho’ and the girls played dog and the bone. We also visited the village well and the village school. It is hard work for them. Next up was a visit to one of the village potter’s house. We saw how to make pots on a potter’s wheel and also how to paint them – up on the roof! This was great fun.
Then we came back to the hotel. The semifinals of India and Australia were going on. All the girls got into Ms. Reena’s room and watched it; the boys were in two rooms. Unfortunately it was time for lunch and then the safari. The safaris were one of the best parts of the camp. Although none of us saw any tigers, the safaris were the best way to try our skills in photography and learn about the wild.
Yes, and though we didn’t actually see the tigers in the wilds of Ranthambore, we saw many of them in a beautiful movie on Ranthambore – The ‘ Tiger’s Revenge’.
Then we also had a quiz based on the things we learnt during the trip.  The Leopards won.
After the long safari, we came back to the hotel, had our snack and continued the tug of war tournament. The Leopards won, that, too.
It was now time for dinner. We had dinner and went to our rooms to pack our bags for leaving the next day. Then we went to sleep.
Day 4
We woke up at 6:30 this time and had our snacks. This was our last trip from the hotel. It was a temple visit. We went in the canters. We even saw two vultures with their chicks up on the cliffs. The Amruteshwar temple built into the same cliffs that are the nesting sites for the vultures. We also learned about ant lions and actually saw how they build traps for ants and catch them there! Our guide was very knowledgeable – he talked about the trees and about birds and also about the animal footprints.
The canters took us back to the hotel. We had our breakfast and were ready to leave. It was sad but again, happy too. We were leaving this wonderful place but meeting our parents and going home.
It was an equally long journey as it was while going to Ranthambore. But we took back a lot of memories. It was a wonderful experience. Ankit Sir and Bharat Sir really made the trip a great learning experience for us.  In fact, on the train journey back, they reviewed our photographs. We’ve sent our best five photographs each for the competition they are holding for us! The results will soon be out! We’re all keeping our fingers crossed!!!

Grade 7  Camps to Nanital by Udit Methi Gr 7

This year, Form 7 went to Nanital for camps. Our camps were from 24th March to 27th March. We needed to reach our school by 4 in the morning. We left the school by 4:30. We reached the train station and had a very comfortable train ride. After a while, we reached our campsite by 1:30 and had lunch. Then, we went for a small trek and came back. After the trek, we had our snacks and got ready for the bonfire.  At the bonfire, we shared some stories and sang songs.
The next day we woke up at 6:00am and freshened up. We went to the breakfast area to drink tea. We went to exercise after that. Then, we went back to our cottages and changed to get ready for rock climbing. We climbed two cliffs and they were pretty big. Most of the people completed the rock climbing, but some of us couldn’t. When we finished climbing the cliffs, it was lunch time. So we went back to the campsite and had our lunch. After rock climbing, we went for caving. We went in 4 caves which was one of the best experiences of the camp. After caving, we came back had our snacks. Today, again the bonfire was set. This time we were sharing ghost stories and only Miss Aprajita scared us.
 The next day we went for rappelling. We came down one cliff that day. It took a long time for everybody to do it so we came back for lunch.  Then, we went for zip lining and that was really awesome. We went to dance after that. We had a competition between boys and girls and the boys won. We went for dinner and then for the bonfire.
The next day we had our main competition. Guerilla Warfare. It was the competition which was held between the two teams, Red Spartans and Blue Commandos. We needed to balloons and things to make a catapult and tea. We even needed to sit on the balloons we blew so that the team could burst the maximum number of balloons so that they win. Red Spartans made better tea and won in the balloon game and Blue Commandos won the catapult game.
Grade 7 had a wonderful camp and it looks forward for the next one.  

Gr 7 Camps - Mrs. Aprajita Ralli Form Tutor Gr 7
After a year’s wait, it was finally time for camps!  The most adventurous, thrilling & friendly part of the year.  Everyone was super excited and happy working together looking forward to the challenging events ahead.  Camps is one time of the year, when everyone unites, and it is also the time of the year when we see our teachers joining us and having fun with us – Ms Aprajita was caving with us and Somo sir had the scariest ghost stories ever. 
This year our camps were organized by Rocksport to  Nanital.  We stayed in a forest area 35 kilometers away from Kathgodam station.  Our journey started at 4 am on Tuesday on 24th March when we met at the school.  Inspite of the early hours that  all of us were wide awake and chattering through our way till the afternoon.  
As soon as we reached the camp side we were divided into two groups Spartans and Black Commandos.  we were a part of many rock activities such as rappelling, rock-climbing, caving, zip lining and our trek too was pretty tricky too considering that we were trekking on a mountain made up of large rocky boulders.  The night trek took our breath away.  The night life of the jungle was just awesome, I had never seen so many stars in my life.  We even saw a shooting star and we heard the sounds of animals and insects who we knew were very close by.
The most fun activity was saved for the last day – the ‘Survival Race’!  This included Gorilla Warfare, the balloon bursting competition, and tea making competition.  In the Survival Race both the teams had to be divided in different sub teams - one for the kitchen, one for artillery, one for navigation & the last for bombers.  We all thoroughly enjoyed competing with each other and yet having endless laughs together.
Apart from all these activities we played cricket in the free time that we had, and also we shared some of the weirdest and spin tingling ghost stories at night around the daily bon fires. 
To conclude I must say that we had the most fantastic and memorable moments of our life, the food was great, the camp we stayed at was epic, the camp instructors were very helpful, kind & had a great sense of humor & we were completely exhausted when our train pulled in at Anand Vihar at around 10 pm on Friday 27th March.  I simply can’t wait for next years camps!!! 

Grade 8 camp to Mashobra -Shatakshi Dubey and Varnika Gupta Gr 8

Camps - the best part of every school year for every Pathwayzian.

Like every year, as soon as camps were announced,
everyone was buzzing with excitement. This year Grade 8 went to Mashobra with Rocksport. We had to report to school at 5 AM, much to everyone’s dismay. We had an eleven-hour-journey to the location. When we reached, everyone’s bodies were stiff and aching, yet we were still smiling, mesmerized by the location.

The camp was surrounded by tall green trees and beautiful hills. During the four days, we challenged ourselves and pushed ourselves to our limits. We tried rappelling and zip-lining. We learned survival skills, made our own fire in the wild and made Maggi in the woods. We went for a night trek where we encountered a hyena by chance.

We engaged ourselves in other camp activities during the nights such as bon fire, singing, sharing horror stories and a dance party. We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves through all these activities. Throughout the whole experience we learnt a new meaning of adventure, learning and friendship.

And somehow, reporting to school before dawn was totally worth it... 

Senior School Camps

Grade 9 trip to Uroli   
A team of 57 students accompanied by six teachers visited Uroli camp from 24 to 28 March, 2015 .  It was a thrilling experience.  Students participated in various activities like low rope, high ropes
, a tour to a nearby village. Mission impossible where our youngsters had to perform by picking up the small things placed in a circle while hanging on to the rope  …. It was really a wonderful adventure for all. Apart from this morning exercises with different comfortable ways selected by the INME instructors   were again a  very fun filling   activities .
The way the tour organizer took care of all of us and  provided  the best food available could not be overlooked .

Grade 10 trip to Rishikesh - Tapsi Kohli 
On the 24th of March, Grade 10 set out at 5 a.m. in the morning and began their journey to Rishikesh. The campsite was a marvelous sight. Endless white sands stretched ahead of us as the sun beat down on our heads and the emerald green river glistened in the distance. The next few days were filled with rafting, laughter, bonfires and a plethora of activities. One of the most memorable experiences at camp this year was the trek to the waterfall. The hike was grueling as we scaled the sides of the mountains but the waterfall made the journey worth it. The cascading waters were a sight worth seeing. Clear, glistening water slowly rolled down the sides of the hill and the sound of drops hitting the ground was calming to our ears. Another memorable activity for me was Tubing. We floated on the clear, sparkling waters and our journey from one end to another end was exhilarating. Finally it was an experience that we will never be able to forget.