9 May 2016

From the Director’s Desk

Coming into the past few weeks in this, the final newsletter of this academic year, we are in the process of reviewing and reflection. How well have our children learnt? How many opportunities did they get? How are our teachers doing in promoting learning? 

This includes looking at the inter-school events students participated in, tracking grades and progress.  Teachers in the middle and senior school are soliciting anonymous feedback from students and reflecting on their practice. It is a useful exercise and often a heartening one.

Educators tend to be self-critical, looking at an ever-receding horizon of what needs to happen next, forgetting to look back at how far we have come each year. We forget about new initiatives – in events like Founders, in introducing adaptive learning like Chalopadho in the middle school, or the author visits and guest speakers across primary and secondary school, the tributes in the MYP authorization report, the increase in competitive matches in primary and secondary sports. In some ways this is good – there is no space for complacency in education and it is only fitting that the bar is constantly raised.

PYP Exhibition
The PYP’s culminating assessment in the form of the PYP exhibition was a delight to see how much our Grade 5 students have learnt. The complex theme this year was an exploration of How We Express Ourselves – an idea which would be a challenge for many adults. Please click on the link below and watch the short video where students reflect on expression through art, media and dance. It speaks volumes for how students learn to think and examine deep ideas.

MYP Personal Project
Grade 8 students invited parents and students to view their personal project presentations, showcasing ingenious ideas and creativity. Topics included the creation of video games, a dynamo with a bike making electricity, apps, cookbooks, animated movies, fashion design, magic tricks with Aditing, a book on terrorism and much else.

Learning Opportunities in Art
Art students across the school benefited
from working with established artists to become familiar with mono-printing, mosaic art, ceramics, sculpture and calligraphy brush painting.

Middle and senior school students showcased at an assembly what they have learnt all semester in the various activity clubs they attended. There are 13 clubs for students to choose from, including chess, photography, cookery, upcycling, dance, drama, music both Indian and Western, community service etc. Some are run by external trainers, others by parents and our own teachers. The level of learning was generally excellent though inevitably the progress of individuals varied based on their interest and involvement.

Adult Education, Community Service and Workshops
In the past month the school held workshops for our support staff. 
One was on educating them on the prevention of sexual harassment, an increasingly important area for both men and women. The second was on cancer prevention and the importance of self-examination for breast cancer. Many of our didis expressed their profound gratitude at being educated into these crucial areas.

The Interact club held a bake sale in aid of CanSupport. It was a wholly student-driven initiative and one which led to some interesting discussion on whether fast food is the best sale item for this cause. Students pitched in favour of the market force of what sells well and would therefore raise most money, arguing that maximum fundraising was the aim and that students did not stop eating these items outside. It raised an ethical dilemma and got them to think about how they should define success criteria.

A leadership workshop was held for the academic staff: Heads of department, coordinators, Grade coordinators. It gave them the opportunity to reflect on their crucial and complex role.

Looking Ahead
Even as we look back we are simultaneously looking ahead at ways to enrich the programme further. The school is introducing Robotics as a support area in different parts of the curriculum across primary and secondary. An experienced teacher has been appointed and equipment is being purchased.
  We are also in the final stages of purchase of a 3D Printer to enable learning of and through this area.
    And we plan to enrich our PE and fitness curriculum through the formal introduction of Yoga at the secondary level as well.

Finally I would like to thank everyone who continues to make Pathways into a special learning environment for our children – our support staff, parents, teachers and school leaders. I hope you have a good summer and I look forward to seeing students back in school on 1st August.  For those of you moving away and leaving Pathways we very much hope you will stay in touch and continue to visit the school and be a part of it in the years ahead.

Dr Shalini Advani
School Director

From the Middle School Principal, Mrs. Sunanda Sandhir

“Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.” -Voltaire

During this time of the year, educators across international schools look forward to well-deserved vacations after a year-long period of hard work. This is also the time to reflect and I am therefore thinking of what went well and also on things that we need to work on to ensure that we provide the best to our students.
Overall, it was another successful year! Pathways is growing and I always see the faculty motivated to continuously learn and share their learning in a collaborative manner. This is essential as 21st century learners require different skills to succeed in life which is at the heart of what all we do.

I am sharing the important happenings of the second semester.

MYP Authorisation:
This was the most awaited event, for which prolonged, planned and focussed efforts were made. The process took two years during which teachers and students worked hard to imbibe and implement the curriculum under the able guidance of the MYP coordinator Ms. Anshu Sharma. It was heartening to receive a lot of appreciation for the program from the team that came to accredit the school .I am thankful to the parents too who who continuously supported us in the process. They learnt what MYP involved and whole heartedly participated in the process. This was evident when they took time off from their busy schedules to attend different programs like Assessment Workshop and Back to School to gain a better understanding. Their continuous and objective feedback was useful.

 Personal Project :
This activity provides an excellent opportunity for students to produce a truly personal and creative work of their choice and to demonstrate the skills that they have developed . This time again, on April 22, 2016, students showcased their work through an exhibition. Their were many parents and teachers who appreciated their work and also gave useful feedback to them. This experience will come in handy when they work again on their personal project in Grade 10.

 Transition : A key indicator of a successful middle school experience is a positive transition from Primary School. To ensure this, the students of Grade 5 visited Middle school to interact with Grade 6 students and teachers. It was good to see Grade 6 students as buddies guiding Grade 5 students and also taking them on a school tour.

Final Examination Next week Grade 7 & 8 will take their Exams. Grade 7 will be sitting for the final exams for the first time. The best way to support your child during the stress of revision and exams is to make home environment calm, and conducive for preparation. Parents can also help their child by guiding them to plan and organize their time table for revision .

I am grateful to the faculty, students and parents for their willing contribution to the growth process and I am sure that we will continue to raise.


Pathways School, Noida hosted participation from 15 schools from Delhi( NCR) on an eventful day of technology oriented innovative activities at our annual tech fest - PATH – Pathways Annual Tech Hangout, on 26th April, at the campus. As a Microsoft Showcase school we use every opportunity to promote sharing of skills amongst students and teachers
This year, our event focused on the theme ‘Redefining Learning @ PATH 2016’. Through a series of challenges, showcases and trainings, we were successful in bringing together young creative minds as well as 21st century educators to collaborate, learn, share and imbibe the vast learning opportunities that technology provides. The Chief Guest was Mr. Pranshu Singhal, Director Digital Learning Strategy Team, Worldwide education.

The mega Tech Day engaged participants from Grade 4 to 12. The events ranged from blending creative thinking with technical know-how and was a medium for students and teachers to meet their peers and gain through an exchange of knowledge and experiences.
Teams from 15 schools battled under the following umbrella of contests which were categorized according to age levels.

Primary School:  Tech Tips Tutorial Presentation using Sway
Middle School :  Video Game Challenge,  Presentation using Sway
Senior School :   Minecraft - Redesigning a section of your school;
            App development – Utility for an event organized in school
Audio Mixing
Middle & Senior School Photography on Expressions & event on Gaming

This year, we also extended our invite to a maximum of 4 teachers per school to be part of a Teacher’s Hangout being the first of its kind in Delhi(NCR). This was an opportunity to engage in effective exchange and learnings as educators who make a difference.
The Teacher hangout included a session conducted by De Pedagogics- The official partners of Microsoft

Further, during break - out sessions, participants were encouraged to access materials, try hands-on and experienced participants would be sharing their success stories.

Pathways School Noida was judged the best school but as the host yielded to the school in second place which was Pathways Gurgaon which thus bagged the overall trophy.
The event was much appreciated by all who witnessed it. All in all , a mega success of a mega event!

Graduation Day by Ms. Deblina Chakrobarty, College Counsellor

On the evening of April 15, we celebrated the results of hard work and commitment of our students of Grade 12. It was the culmination of a dream come true through collaboration, cooperation and a deep engagement of parents, teachers, students and the entire school community. The Class of 2016 at Pathways School Noida graduated.

In mortarboard and gown, the students were led to the ceremony by the faculty. And with good wishes and blessings from the Chief Guest, Prof. B.S. Satyanarayan, the Pro-Vice Chancellor of BML Munjal University, members of the Governing Body of the Pathways Schools, Dr. Shalini Advani, the Director of Pathways School Noida, Mr. Alexander Abraham, the Senior School Principal and Mr. Samuel Osmond, the IB Diploma Coordinator, the Class of 2016 was recognized for their accomplishments.

The Valedictorian of the Class, Shaheer Nasim Haider and the Outgoing School President, Divian Baheti addressed the Class and thanked the school for its contribution to their lives. It was an evening of pride for the parents and the teachers who have witnessed the wonderful transformation of these children
into young adults.

On behalf of the parent community, Ms. Maneet Singh reflected back on her family journey in Pathways and the differences the school had made to her daughter and many others. She congratulated the school on the beautiful environs, delicious food, learned faculty and visionary leadership as she reflected that Pathways, to her is a conservatory of all that is good and ideal in the formation of young minds who will be shaping the future of the country. 

As the students step over the threshold of the school into the vast reality of the world, we wish them all success in the years to come. 

PYP Exhibition by Ms. Vandana Parashar PYP Coordinator

This year the exhibition was around the theme of ‘How we Express Ourselves’.

The children inquired into various aspects that helps people express themselves -  sports, media, hobbies, books, paintings, music, dance, drama etc. They chose the central ideas that they were most passionate about, presenting their knowledge and understanding in creative ways. Each group of students combined their passions and led their own inquiries. They researched, planned, constructed, practiced and produced an amazing work. They created games, made video presentations, turned into authors and even wrote their own books!

In the exhibition they shared their learning journey with the parents, teachers and other grades’ students. Along with the beautiful displays and amazing information, they had interesting elements added - like the flash mob which also had parents and teachers joining in. It brought life and excitement into the exhibition along with a well deserved break for the students of grade 5. They would run for the flash mob, do the routine, get a good mind break and once again share the knowledge and research with the guests.

The inaugural performance showed their understanding of a complex idea on expression and many families were amazed at the maturity of their understanding. They collaborated a performance which integrated drama, dance and music doing everything from writing the lyrics for the song to coming up with the script for the drama Lots of positive comments and feedback was given by everyone who attended it. The guests expressed themselves as well by writing their feedback on the graffiti wall created for them.

In the end, we hope that the children will develop their understanding and knowledge and the skills that they have shown and developed during the exhibition further into their daily life as a student and as an individual.

Personal Project by Dev Verma and Snigdha Khurana Gr 8

This year, we got the uniquely rewarding experience of working on our personal projects. We will be the first MYP (Middle Years Programme) batch, and we are required to do the personal project in year 5 (grade 10), but because, the batch previous to us did the personal project in grade 8, we also got the opportunity to do it once before the final one in grade 10. As this was an internal personal project, our teachers will assess it and give us feedback, whereas in Year 5, it will be sent to the IB for additional assessment.

So what is a Personal Project? In MYP, we choose a topic that
interests us, and then we research, plan and finally take action on the plan. We then exhibit and present our projects at the end of the year, where parents, students and teachers from across the school come to see it. One of the outputs of the project is a product that we have created.

There are three components of the project: process journal, written report and the product.

The process journal consists of an account of meetings with the supervisor, and various processes that the students went through. We also scribble down what little work we do every day. We set deadlines and goals, and we try to achieve them. It is a long process and we try to make the plans as realistic as possible so we are able to achieve them.

The report contains four major sections, Investigation, Planning, Action Taken and Reflection. In the first section, we write about primary and secondary research conducted on our topic.

In the planning section, we write about planning and the processes involved in achieving our project goals.

Action taken is a section where we write about what we did and how we did it. We also write about the various stages of making the product. We include the process record from the process journal in the report.
Reflection is the part where we reflect on our process of making the product. The skills we learnt, the obstacles we faced. There are many life skills we acquired in the process, as to how to manage time and how to balance our work with other activities. We also reflect on the whole process, and our performance, including how we can improve it next time.

Our exhibition and presentation was on 22nd April. We were all very enthusiastic and a bit nervous also. It was an experience that we will never forget as there were many visitors to whom we explained our projects and from whom got valuable feedback.

ART FEST in Pathways School Noida by Anil Kumar Goswami Visual Arts, HOD

“Mono printing and Chine Colle printing, mosaic tiles, Aquatic world in clay, Creative 3D assemblage works and Japanese traditional calligraphic brush paintings”

Art is a visual poetry and for all creative people art is an attempt to bring order out of chaos!

The Art department conducted an exciting stimulus to introduce students to different work with multiple workshops by guest artists. Five different specialists- Mr. Ashim Pal for Mono printing and Chine Colle printing, Ms. Mekhlla Harrison for mosaic art, Mr. Anirudh Sagar for Pottery work, Mr. Dattartraya Apte for creative assemblage sculptures and Mrs. Yuriko Ando Lochan for traditional calligraphy brush painting and oriental art.

In this ART FEST contemporary artists encouraged and enabled students to create and present art dynamically. Visiting artists followed various techniques for the workshop like demonstration, digital presentation, orientation, feedback, individual guidance and challenging all the candidates for new leanings.

PYP, MYP and IBDP students learnt and tried new skills. Guided by the visiting experts and all the art faculty at Pathways they developed an understanding of the surface qualities of colored inks , explored the dynamism of clay or sculpture, enjoyed learning about irregular colored tiles or the sensitivity created by Japanese brush strokes on rice papers.

Stories And Punctuation, An Unusual Author Visit by Ms. Belinda Paul , Form Tutor 4A

The students of Form 4 attended a work shop on Thursday which was conducted by the author Natasha Sharma. She is an award winning children’s books author and has published twelve books for children so far including Bonkers! That won the SCBWI Crystal Kite Award 2014 for Asia and Middle East.

Natasha Sharma introduced her book “Squiggle Gets Stuck” and skillfully took the students through an exciting adventure with her beloved “Squiggle”. She briefly introduced Squiggle who is first seen in “Squiggle takes a walk- all about punctuation, where squiggle-curious, confused and determined to tell a comma from an apostrophe. She smoothly introduced her second book ‘Squiggle Gets Stuck” all about a fun- filled adventure where Squiggle has fallen into a dictionary and can’t escape. The only way out is to create a grammatically correct sentence and use it to jump off the page. She’s even got to rescue a very mixed-up character called Doodle Dude while helping him learn about verbs, nouns, prepositions and more, that turns muddled sentences into one that makes sense.  An hour session no doubt
kept the students in splits, but took them through a journey of sentence construction (parts of speech) which had never been so much fun before bringing these characters to life.
Her reading and her delightful way with words while writing, while reading it out to students with complete expression, her voice modulation got the students very excited and they geared up collectively to cook up a funny story as she steered their ideas through witty , open ended tips and questions.

This session encouraged the students to construct meaningful sentences and bring their creative pieces alive! What a fantastic learning opportunity this was for the 4th graders.

Cancer Awareness presentation for Support staff on 16th April, 2016 by Heena Khichi (Director Article Writing)

One of the key responsibility area of Interact Club of year 2016 is to raise awareness about cancer in the school community. To this effect, the Interact Club organized a presentation to raise awareness about cancer amongst our support staff on the 16th of April 2016, which was the third event in the series.

The presentation was done by Dr. Savita, who is associated with

CANsupport and was coordinated by Ms. Sindhu who is responsible for the organization’s resource mobilization. The organization has been working with cancer patients for the last 25 years and helping them lead better lives with their support and care. Done in Hindi, this was first a general session for the entire support staff, in which different aspects of cancer were covered and was followed by a session only for female support staff, wherein the process of self -examination and early diagnosis was emphasized.  The presentation was one of the first steps that successfully raised preliminary level awareness about the disease amongst the support staff. Overall, the session was an enriching experience both for the support staff and for the Interact Club members doing their bit for the betterment of the society.