26 April 2013

From the Director's Desk

As we come towards the end of the academic year for most students, we are happy to welcome the new Pre-Term students who joined us this month. The Pathways pre-term programme is a unique focus on skills rather than on subject content. Over these two months our new students develop an understanding of the skills expected of an IB student at any level – the skills of researching by formulating the right questions, the skills of reading widely, of applying their knowledge to real-life contexts, of communication and presentation and most importantly, the skills of reflection. Pre-term parents will be able to see evidence of this at the special presentation which students will be doing for you towards the end of May.

I believe that reflection is one of the most important and least developed skills in most schools. We cannot understand new ideas or how to improve or what we are good at unless we learn to reflect or consciously think about these areas. Like most powerful tools reflection must be taught and from Primary school to Senior school all our students are trained in this. In fact reflection is often the most important way of getting a young person to learn new behavior too. In this newsletter you can see many examples of reflection – from the pre-term students, to reflection on the personal project presentations. Many parents will have seen this through the year for yourselves with the Student Led Conferences or the reviews of the E-portfolios.

We are happy to have in school our incoming Senior School Principal Mr Alexander Abraham.
He has spent the week interacting with teachers and students both formally and informally. Over this week he has been introduced to our existing systems at Pathways by Mr Jaffar and I am confident that this time will enable him to move into his new role very effectively once he formally joins us in July.

Meanwhile students are preparing for the final academic activities of the year. Primary school has moved into their final units of enquiry, Form 5 is beginning preparation for their version of the PYP exhibition and Form 7 up are focusing on the upcoming end-of-year exams. IB Diploma written examinations begin on 2nd May and Form 10’s IGCSE written exams on 7th May. Modern Language oral exams have already begun. We wish them all the best of luck as they go forward. Meanwhile other demonstrations of learning through the year such as for middle school Clubs and Music will be on display. Similarly students of Form 2 and 3 will invite parents to share the work they have done on reading through the ORT display.

Finally, as last year, the Summer Camp will run from  3rd June – offering music, dance, drama, Design Technology, art and sports. This is open to students from Pathways and other schools so please feel free to spread the word.  You will be receiving more information shortly.

Shalini Advani
School Director

From the Middle School Principal

“As you begin to take action towards the fulfillment of your goals and dreams, you must realize that not every action will be perfect.Not every action will produce the desired result. Not every action will work.Making mistakes,getting it almost right, and experimenting to see what happens are all part of the process of eventually getting it right .” ------- Jack Canfield        

We  believe that the mistakes can lead you to growth and creativity. However, at the same time, failure to learn from mistakes will lead one to commit the same mistake again. Reflections and different processes of learning are therefore important while participating in any activity at our school.

Personal Project -Personal Project is one such opportunity provided to the students of form 8. The  project helps the students to demonstrate and develop various skills and also
prepares them for writing an extended essay at IB Diploma. One of the students while making a documentary on Women Empowerment for the project, reflected on how after spending so much time on recording interviews, she would come back home and find the quality of audio  not appropriate. She therefore worked on editing and improving audio quality using different softwares thereby enriching her skills. Another student  changed his product several times, but in his project report, he was extremely honest in writing down his mistakes and learnings from the entire process of experimenting and getting it right. He also shared on how he would approach it differently if he had to do the project again.
E- Portfolios - Students of form 6 & 7 were a part of SLC –student led conference, in November where they set their targets in three academic subjects and also their goals with their parents after reflecting on some pieces of their work . During current semester, the students worked on creating their e-portfolios where they chose three pieces of their work; two good ones and one where they had not fared well. They  thus reflected on their achievements and areas of development . Sharing few examples below 

Enough time and opportunities are given to the students to learn and progress  before they take exams at the end of final semester of Form 7 & 8 which test their preparedness for the  next level .

Sunanda Sandhir
Principal Middle School 

Experience at Pathways School Noida

It is not easy for someone to change their school, but in Pathways, it was quite smooth sailing for me. The friendly and welcoming environment in Pathways Noida made my first day very easy and comfortable.
One thing that makes this school different from others is these people who are shaping the environment of the school. Over the past few days, I started getting used to the methods of teaching and learning at Pathways. Students are not spoon fed, they have to do their work on their own. The students have to make their decisions and take ownership for that. In the pre-term programme, the emphasis is not on facts which we have to learn because we are focusing on learning skills rather than content. The teachers here guide us in our projects but we have to carry out the research by ourselves. The facilities in Pathways are definitely up to the standard of an international school.  The students and teachers here in Pathways are very friendly and supportive. Our school encourages many extra-curricular activities. There are so many clubs running like: dance, drama, public speaking, social service etc, which according to me, is crucial for the all rounded education of a student. Pathways is a school that not only offers good education but also has various methods of building up the character of a student.
My journey in Pathways till now has been very different but splendid and I hope it continues to be the same throughout my time in this school.

Yashovardhan Choudhari
Gr 8 (Pre Term)

It has not been much time for me since I joined Pathways, but the friendly and caring nature of the students and the teachers helped me to get comfortably settled into the new environment.
I believe Pathways Noida offers various opportunities to students where they can indulge themselves, not only in academics, but also in extra-curricular activities as they help in our overall development. I think the teaching and learning here is quite different as it makes the teachers facilitators not the instructors and the students: better learners. I am developing the habit of doing my work independently. The logo of Pathways ‘Learn Work Play Think Live’ also reflects the same. Being a part of the clubs, like dance Club, is helping me in refining my talent and  activities like writing blogs, articles for school magazines and the most importantly, reflecting back on the work has made me confident about my skills.

Last week watching the 8th grade students presenting their personal projects in front of their parents showed me how a student can project his/her own talent and passion with responsibility and ownership.  There is a lot more to go and I am really hoping and looking forward to be part of these exciting activities     in future. 
Nitya Jindal Gr 8 (Pre Term)

Pathways School, An Experience !


No other word can describe the feeling and the single overriding thought I have, when I am asked about how I feel about my first week as a pre-termer in Pathways Noida. Initially, when I thought about changing my school, I was quite apprehensive about it. A new school, new teachers, new people… it all seemed very daunting. But, all my fears disappeared as soon as I set foot onto the school grounds and saw the warm, friendly faces that surrounded me.
 On the first day, after the orientation by Mr. Jaffar, me and my three other fellow pre-termers were introduced to our form tutor, Mrs. Poonam Shokeen. From there on it was a roller coaster ride of meeting my batch mates, seniors, the teachers, and everywhere we went, there was a smiling face to assist us and thank heavens for that, as the four of us stood out like odd thumbs scuttling around trying to locate our classes. Boy, we really do make a sight!
The most interesting part of the pre-term is our ability to sit and experience the different classes and subjects. This is allowing us to make up our minds about our subject selections. The college counseling sessions are already helping me decide my future career goals. My personal favorite classes so far have been English and Music (lunchtime is also an absolute favorite ).
There is a new world of discovery opening up and I am excited to explore the same under the able guidance of our teachers.  If there is one thing I would want that should never change at Pathways is the warmth and the welcoming attitude of its students, teachers and faculty that is such a refreshing change in today’s world.
All in all, joining Pathways is the best decision that I have made and I am proud to call myself a Pathwaysian.

Khanak Mehta
Gr 10 (Pre Term)

My experience in Pathways was extraordinary, I made quite a lot of friends and met a lot of kind and caring teachers. My 1st day in Pathways started with a beautiful orientation by Dr. Shalini Advani and Mr. Umar Jaffar. It was followed by some lovely snacks and then Dr. Poonam Shokeen guided us to the biology  lab. Then we were taken on a school tour by extremely friendly students.

Jatin Mittal
Gr 10 (Pre Term)

Trust me when I tell you this, the kind of friends you can make here is wonderful.  More than that, the teachers here are really nice and they tend to make a place in your heart in about no time at all. Everyday there’s something new to learn and do and that’s what keeps you alive here in Pathways. As the Pathways slogan goes; Learn, Work, Play, Think and most of all LIVE!! 

Rohan Avirah Paul
Gr 10 (Pre Term)

Trip to the Craft Museum - Aruna Jha, Form Tutor Gr 3A

Students of Form 3 went  for a field trip  to the craft museum at Pragati Maidan on 24th April, 2013. This was to further their enquiry on the theme-How we express ourselves and the following central idea-
‘Through arts people use different forms of expression to convey their uniqueness as human beings’.  Despite the warm weather, students were excited and were all geared up for interacting with the artisans and their artistic expressions. On reaching the place they were quite fascinated with clay, mud and mirror art work in every nook and corner of the place, from different states of India. On keenly observing the art work on  walls they were able to make connections with how every piece of
art depicted the culture, habits and occupation of the society. The simple ways of celebrating  everyday  activities in villages and tribal areas was visible in all pieces of art and craft in the museum.  Some students were quick to make links to their learning in class. It was in fact a delight to watch the young learners enjoy a visit to a place conveying abstract ideas. They were able to identify  the fact that each piece of art depicted stories  of a specific culture.

Carvings on doors and ceilings and practice of decorating animals in earlier times amazed the little ones. The King’s massive carriage was really appreciated and students were eager to sit in it. Artefacts made out of cloth and thread work, carvings on elephant tusks and sandal wood reflected the grandeur of the times. Students enjoyed the field trip and have surely gathered information which will help them think deeply about forms of art and how people express every emotion and feeling through it in unique ways.  

Personal Project Presentation

Personal Project is an excellent opportunity offered to our Grade 8 students, to produce an original and creative piece of work of their choice and to demonstrate the various skills that they have developed along the way, which include planning,researching, analyzing, reflecting,recording, organizing, meeting deadlines, creating and finally presenting. It is a completely student-directed inquiry in line with the requirements of the IB programme. The students are assigned a supervisor each who guides them through this process.

My personal project was to make and discover my top ten favorite desserts and to record my experiences and learning in a blog for everyone to see. I chose this topic because I was always passionate about cooking and baking, since a very young age and I wanted to take my passion to the next level.  I realized the importance of getting the right ingredients and measuring them accurately to get a perfect cake.
 Sanya Chawla  Gr 8B

I had a great experience this year by making a “Paper Folding Book” as my Personal Project.
It was easier for me than all the other topics as I have learned origami in Korea, but it took a lot of time. I faced some difficulties too, so I got help from websites and Korean origami books and completed it.
I am satisfied with my final product, but if I had more time, then probably I would have made more pages and decorated well. But still, I am proud of myself.
I think making a project ourselves is really a good activity. Also I think this is a happy memory for me to keep forever.
Jaeyoung Hong Gr 8A

My Personal Project has left me with the thinking skills to achieve any academic potential, the capacity to work harder than I have ever before, the patience to finish something
I have started even if it takes months, the motivation to find time for something even in the extremely busy schedule I am forced into, and, perhaps most importantly, the encouragement to pursue my interest in journalism and filmmaking and at the same time learn about a subject close to my heart: women empowerment.
Malak Khan  Gr 8B

We all knew it was coming, ‘it’ being the dreaded project that supposedly brought tears to the eyes of every 8th grader. We were already prepared for the long and tiring process known as the 

Personal Project. The following six months threw us into a world of self-learning and research. It all started with a question. Every student had an essential question; it basically guided them through their entire project. Other important aspects of the project include the written report, the final product and of course, the supervisor. Our supervisors basically supported us through the entire project. They made the toiling worth it all.

Ayona Sengupta 8B

Rhyme Time Day – Aneesha Sahni, Early Years Coordinator

The Rhyme time day was designed in Pathways School as a day to celebrate every child’s learning in areas of music, dance and drama. This year, it was held on the 19th April.

Every child from Pre-Nursery to Form 1 including the pre-termers (in school for two weeks) participated. Parents and grandparents walked into the cafeteria with cameras on their shoulders and smiles on their faces. The programme was opened by Dr. Advani, where she rightfully stressed on the sensitivity of students while they are up on the stage and looking
forward to showing off to their parents. The children performed flawlessly (unlike the rehearsals) and all items presented drew claps and cheers from the doting parental crowd. The variety of performances led to an interesting morning, where we heard Pre-Nurseries recite, Nurseries sing and Kindergarteners

dance like superstars. However, Form 1 in particular needs a special mention as they enacted a play wherein each child got an opportunity to speak on the stage. They worked on the script themselves and came up with pairs of rhyming lines, to go with the feel of the “rhyme” day .All this ended with our parents and students singing and dancing ‘Aye aye yippee, aye aye yippe, aye aye yippe yippe aye….’.

15 April 2013

From the Director's Desk

Primary school families will be most familiar with what the IB calls the Learner Profile -  a group of 10 characteristics which make up the ideal IB student. The profile includes being a thinker, reflective and knowledgeable but lays equal emphasis on personal characteristics like being caring, a risk-taker or communicator. They are the heart of all IB schools.

There is much to review in this newsletter which reflects a subtle teaching of the IB Learner Profile. In an introduction to adventure and risk taking, all students from Form 4 up went on overnight camps. For many it was their first experience of being away from home and you can read about their feelings elsewhere in the newsletter. Even Form 2 & 3 took a big step away from home when they spent the night in school and had a mini adventure camp which taught them risk-taking and independence.

We were delighted to host the world-famous Russian puppet group.The Moscow Regional Puppet Theatre visiting India as part of the Ishara theatre festival.
As we did by hosting the Kahani festival some months ago, our aim is to expose our children to as many world class performances as possible for them to deepen their cultural understanding of the arts from around the world to be global citizens.


In a burst of activity our students have been participating in a number of inter-school sports events. At Pathways Noida we hosted our first inter-school swimming tournament with great success. A number of schools participated and enjoyed the spirit of friendly competition.

Our team from Noida participated in the Inter-School Basketball and Tennis tournament  at Pathways World School, Aravali and Delhi Horse Show at Army Club, Naraina.

 Form 12 Graduation

At a solemn and emotional ceremony Form 12 students had their graduation from school in the presence of parents, guests, faculty and Form 11 students. Their IB exams begin in early May and they are now on study leave. Form 10 are also on study leave in preparation for their IGCSE exams. We wish both groups all the very best for this crucial step in their lives.

Senior School Principal

As some of you already know, our Senior School Principal Mr Jaffar will for personal reasons be leaving school at the end of this academic year. He will be sorely missed. As a founding member of the school’s management team he has left an indelible mark on the school.

I am happy to share with you that the incoming Principal has been appointed. He is Mr Alexander Abraham, currently Deputy Headmaster and Head of International Curriculums (IGCSE & IB) at Sarala Birla Academy, Bangalore. He has had many years of experience with the IB as coordinator and Examiner for English. He has a particular interest in theatre and has directed many musicals on stage. He will join in July though he will visit school for a familiarization trip later this month.

 Shalini Advani
School Director

From the Primary School Principal

The Primary at Pathways School, Noida is abuzz with many pre termers  beginning to feel at home at Pathways. We believe in e-learning, assessment for learning and habits of mind as core elements of our class room learning. Our students are encouraged to reflect, collaborate and give feedback on each other’s learning. Engagement, reflection and collaboration are at the heart of what we in Primary do. This is what we are sharing with our preterm students at all levels.

Form 5, 4 and 3 pre termers are busy reading and writing stories with Ms Sana on the ORT story writers CD. (E-learning)

Form 2 and 1 are busy with recapitulating Jolly Phonics. Its stories and characters to link with letter sounds and make reading and writing easier. For this smart boards are used extensively.

Kindergarteners and Nursery students are learning to sing, dance, play ,swim, horse ride and read as many books from the Ort series as they can.

Apart from this they are all engaged with the last enquiry of the year and are learning to reflect collaboratively on their queries and understanding.

The Parents Teacher meet was well attended and I am very happy to share that almost all parents, I interacted with, are satisfied with the growth they see in their children.
A Russian group from the Ishara Puppet Festival were invited to perform Masha and the Bear’ for the Primary in the atrium. The students not only enjoyed the show but had fun exploring the puppets. These are some of the ways we bring the outside World into our school for students to learn from.

We are looking forward to the Rhyme Time Day on the 19th where we get to see the Early Learners sing, dance, recite and enact plays for their parents.
Usha Lamba
Primary School Principal

Winning Tennis Nationals - Rhea Verma Gr 7B

I was really excited to participate  in  a national tournament  held  at DLTA(Delhi Lawn Tennis Association ) from  8th to 11th of  April .  We had  5 rounds and  I won all the rounds without  dropping a set . In the finals, the first set was a little struggle - I won  by 7-6(73). But I managed a easy victory in the second set by 6-2.  I also won the doubles with the score of  3-5,4-1,(7-1).
It was an amazing feeling to be honored  with 2 awards!  I also got 30 points and now my ranking has become in the top 50 in India. I plan to continue working really hard to maintain this level. 

Grade 9 camp to Uroli, Ranikhet - Advitiya Narang and Tanmay Diwan

This  year’s camp for the 9th graders was arguably one of the most enjoyable  experiences that I had embarked upon. From the crazy activities   to energetic instructors,   the 2013  camps in Uroli, had exceeded  our  expectations  in  everything.  The  only  downside would have to be the 4 am wake up call to get to school by 4: 45 am.

We started from school at 4 45 am to reach to Anand Vihar station where we would meet the rest of the class. Once we had all arrived, still groggy due to our partially sleep deprived state, we hurriedly boarded the train to Kathkgodam Station around 5.10 am.

Upon our arrival to Kathkgodam station at around 12 noon, we departed for the jeeps that waited to take us to camps, little did we know about how far the camps would be. The jeep journey lasted 4 hours. Regardless of this, we made the most of it, some of us caught up on sleep, while others laughed to their hearts’ content.
As we arrived on top of the hill where Camp Inme was situated, we gasped at the sight of the campsite. Some were in shock to see the state of the place. It was great.
We were shortly allotted our tents, before being introduced to the Chief, who we later found out, had climbed around 70 mountains, one of them being Mount Everest! After we were allotted our tents, we were quick to settle and shortly began to play some games. The games were tiring but worth it! We later went and sat down for soup time where we all learnt something new. We subsequently had dinner and then left for our tents; eagerly awaiting the following day’s activities.

The second day proved to be the best day. We awoke to a 6 am wakeup call and while most of us showered , the rest changed prior to the ropes course that was situated a mere two minutes away from the campsite. The grade was split into two groups: LOL Kaul
and Barca. The two respective groups went their own separate ways and went for their respective ropes courses. The ropes courses proved to be a challenge to some but natural to others as some had a fear to conquer while others went for the challenge itself. Following the ropes course, the nest activity planned was the village visit which meant a small trek. Some of us weren't looking forward to the trek, but rather the experience to the local village.                                                       As  we  arrived from our short
trek, we saw a big contrast in lifestyle between us and the locals. During our visit, we found out how the locals lived, how they made money and their day-to-day routine. It was a real eye-opener for many of us, who were totally oblivious to the kind of lifestyle people lived in, up in the hilly area. But the best moment for me, personally, would have to be night walk that followed, after dinner that day. We all walked in a single file line towards a spot where we could clearly see the night sky. Just laying on our backs, staring at the sky, was something extraordinary for all us because the city offered neither a clear night sky nor total silence, like this place.
The following day proved to be the most physically challenging as we embarked on our long trek to a spot which our instructors had picked out for us. The trek there, was roughly 10 Km and many of us were dreading the long trek ahead. After many hours of trekking, we finally made it to a small spot where
we rested and played in a small stream that was flowing to a nearby pond. To call us wet, after the splashing around, had to be the understatement of the century. We were totally drenched from head to toe!
The following few hours, meant that many of us would have to wait before we were dry. But that was the least of our interests as the free fall came next.
A 40 foot drop that required a minimum of seven people lifting the person onto the top of the tree; through the aid of pulleys, we were able to lift the people to the top of the tree. Again, this proved to be fun for others, while others overcame their fear of heights and took the leap. An experience I’m sure, we won’t forget.
The next day would be our last, so as per the Inme tradition, we had our group photos along with our accompanying teachers and instructors ( who by the way, had been welcoming, warm and very friendly to each and every one of us). Then we headed off to Kathkgodam station, where we would board our train back to Anand Vihar.

A trip packed with adventure, excitement and fun! We won’t forget the fun-loving instructors, the crazy activities. The whole thing was a great success and we are very much looking forward to next year’s camps as we count down the days towards them.

Graduation 2013 - Geeta Verma, IBDP Coordinator

Two years of intense learning, missed deadlines, submissions galore and creative peaks culminated on a warm summer evening
when Pathways School Noida sent their 2nd batch of IB Diploma Program graduates into the world with the Graduation Ceremony on the 12th of April 2013.Twenty young hopefuls became a part of a solemn ceremony that marked a new phase in their lives.
The Secondary School atrium with the ceremonial lamp and splashes of blue and gold welcomed the guests which included the proud parents and an equally proud faculty.
Chief Guest, Professor Shyam Menon ;Vice Chancellor, Ambedkar University
Professor Shyam Menon; Vice Chancellor, Ambedkar University was the Guest of Honour. Our Chairman; Mr Pramod Jain along with the Directors; Mr Praveen Jain, Mr Prashant Jain and Prasan Jain also graced the occasion. Dr. Kiran Datar and Dr. Sarvesh Naidu were also present to give their blessings to the graduating class of 2013.
The evening began with the Faculty leading the Graduates as part of the ceremony of ‘The Final Steps’. Following this; students felicitated the guests who then moved to lighting the lamp of wisdom.
The accompanying invocation by Ms. Vinita Khan also added to the symbolic significance of this time old ritual. The AV presentation by Grade 11 students and Ms. Geetanjali Diwan took the class down memory lane as it captured the many memorable moments of their lives as Diploma students.

Speeches by Dr. Shalini Advani and Mr. Jaffar celebrated the two years of blood, sweat and tears and as they recounted  the many triumphs of the graduating class. Our Guest of Honour’s speech focussed on ‘lessons to learn’ and Professor Shyam Menon’s words were truly inspirational. Ifrah’s speech, as she looked back on her year as the Student Council President was so emotional that there were many a tear amongst her friends and faculty.  Partha’s Valedictorian speech was essentially philosophical in essence, where he celebrated his life as an IB Diploma student through a need to focus on the present.
Special Awards, Academic Awards and the School Diploma awards celebrated each of our graduates, for all their achievement as Diploma students, be it aspects of leadership, social responsibility, techno efficiency or academic achievements in the Diploma subjects.
 An  especially  emotional  moment  was  when   
Ms. Archana Gupta
Ms. Archana Gupta, Aakanksha Gupta’s mother gave us an IB DP parental perspective and celebrated the joy and pride on her daughter’s graduation.

The Lighting of Candles-‘As We Walk Towards the future’ followed, as Dr. Advani, Mr Jaffar and Ms. Geeta Verma came up on stage and in a symbolic gesture passed on the light of wisdom to the students. A classical music piece by Mr. Sangma added solemnity to the moment.

The School graduates came up for one final bow with the ‘turning of the tassel’ ceremony and the tossing of their hats, to a round of applause by their proud parents.
This was followed by a formal and an informal photography session as one captured the moment for posterity. Dinner saw the parents interact more informally with the School Director, Principal and the Faculty.
As the evening drew to a close, all felt a sense of pride and accomplishment as we witnessed the second batch of Pathways School Noida become graduates and prepare to enter into an exciting new phase in their lives.

A Story on Strings, Russian Puppet Show - Meher Khan, Form Tutor KG A

Stories are the creative conversion of life itself into a more powerful, clearer, more meaningful experience. They are the currency of human contact. — Robert McKee.
Stories have an irresistible appeal for both adult and children alike since ages.
They are the powerful learning tools that equip us with valuable learning experiences and life skills. Puppetry is an ancient art form of storytelling used to entertain and communicate ideas in a society.
Pathways, Noida strives to provide our students with as many meaningful experiences as possible, and this led to hosting a puppet show by a visiting Russian Puppet Theatre group at our school on 9th April’2013.
Our primary and form six students were delighted to watch a fun filled puppet show – ‘MASHA AND THE BEAR ‘by The Moscow Regional State Puppet Theatre. This famous Russian folk tale was about a smart little girl ‘’Masha’’ who lives with her grandparents. She gets lost in a jungle while picking berries, and seeks refuge in an unkempt hut owned by a ferocious and mean Bear.
The Bear intends to eat her up, but changes his mind when kind Masha helped him pull out a thorn from his paw. The interesting twist of the story is when the Bear holds her as a prisoner in his house, but is outwitted by the little girl and she escapes.

 The adventurous story conveys a strong message of love and sharing for our children. It also helped the students to be aware of traditional puppetry, and recognize the technical, cultural aspect of this art form. Exposures like this increases appreciation of various art forms from all across the globe, making the experience truly international.

Rocksport Jungle Camp in Nainital - Karan Pandanda Gr 8A

Has anyone ever figured out what brings out the essence of a real camp? I had never even thought of this before embarking on this journey. To me, the essence of a real camp lies in the surroundings, the environment that envelops the camp. The Ayar Jungle camp, where we, Grade 8 students went to this time, is located at the top of the mountains in Nainital and is surrounded by dense forests and a clear blue sky. The mornings were misty and magical with the clouds winking dully at the trees. In the nights, it was cold and eerie with every shadow casting an alien like figure on the dark, damp ground; all combined to make a fabulous setting for time to be spent with friends and engaging in all kinds of activities.

Physical activities have always been one of my favourites, be it regular sports or rock sports. In this camp, such was the focus on building up on fitness and participation that everyone forgot their problems and thoroughly enjoyed the activities.

Be it rock-climbing, mountain biking, rappelling, or guerilla warfare, the instructors were there, making sure we were safe, but along with that, making sure we had the time of our lives. The food was spectacular, the hospitality was fabulous and the enjoyment levels surpassed anything I had ever experienced before.

If given an option, I would definitely revisit this camp and attempt all the activities again, because this was a once in a lifetime trip I wouldn’t mind going on again and again.

Camp to Nainital - Sanya Chawla Gr 8B

On the 20th of March the whole school went for an adventure camp. 8th grade went to Nainital. The day before, everyone planned everything together.
We all were very excited as this was our first outing in the year. We reached school at 4:30 am so that we could board the 6:15 am train to Kathgodam. It was a 6 hour long journey. In the train we listened to music; everyone was talking and singing, we were walking to each other’s seats and played games.
I felt bad for the other passengers sitting in our compartment though, as they were getting disturbed.  After reaching the station we had another 2 hour road journey to the camp site. We were welcomed warmly and our cottages were amazing.

 We did many activities in those 4 days which included valley crossing, rock climbing, mountain biking, rappelling and caving.
We also did at lot of trekking. The weather was very cold and we had bonfires every night and the last night we shared horror stories that left many of us trembling. I made some new friends and became closer to the people I already knew. I also learned many things and did some things for the first time. I simply loved it and I didn’t want to come back home at all.