9 April 2016

From the Director's Desk

A topic of interest for all parents, even those in Primary school, is the area of university admissions after Grade 12.  Over the years we are seeing a rising number of IB students choosing to stay on in India for Undergraduate degrees. Statistics show that nation-wide upto 40% of students do not go abroad.  What are the options available and how are they changing? At the recent IB Asia Pacific conference in Hyderabad, I was privileged to lead a discussion on this area.  4 very interesting universities – the OP Jindal university, the Sushant School of Design, Flame university and the Munjal university – discussed the ways in which their multi-discipline approach, the imaginative flexibility of the programme, their recognition of the special value which IB students bring,  showing how students have an increasing number of choices. Before the end of this semester, we plan to have an open session for parents of any grade to understand the university admission processes with our Career advisor. You will receive notification of this shortly.

MYP Authorization
A two year long process of MYP implementation culminated in the
IB authorization visit. The visiting team of Mr Patrick Ritter IB consultant and Ms Amanda Lenck from the Overseas School in Columbo spent three days in school reviewing teaching, talking to students, teachers and administration. The official report is now awaited but their feedback was overwhelmingly positive and they complimented many aspects of the school programme. The entire process leading to this has been an exciting challenge for everyone in the school. The teachers and Heads of Department worked incredibly hard to understand new demands, supported by the multiple IB trainings and workshops they attended. I cannot appreciate enough the strong leadership of the MYP coordinator Ms. Anshu Sharma and the Principal Ms. Sandhir in steering this complicated process.

Exhibitions and Displays

Art: The mandatory art exhibition of IB Diploma art students threw up an astonishing variety of talent.

From paintings to installation to dress design, art students displayed work of a standard which art colleges would be proud of. A number of parents responded to the invitation to view the exhibition which in itself was a real-life feedback for our budding artists.

Science: Focussing on the theme of Science for a better world, students from Primary to Senior school set out displays, demonstrated experiments and created technology programmes in the Science exhibition.

Technology: As part of the digital citizenship week, which focuses on safe and responsible use of technology, an inter-house
competition showcased student awareness of this important area. Our technology coordinators from primary to middle to senior were involved in planning and the process was led by the technology teachers through the school. As a Microsoft showcase school, we also hosted visitors from the Microsoft Education team who were astonished at the variety of applications and knowledge areas our students and teachers are aware of. This is what they said:

Student achievement, engagement and building 21st century skills is a collective responsibility and when students get empowered, great achievements happen. It is indeed great to see the school moving in that direction. I was very impressed with the facilities, discipline and student initiatives as well. I would like to congratulate you for taking initiatives on Digital Citizenship efforts as well. It is really wonderful to spread sensitization around deploying digital assets.

Exams and Graduation
As we move towards the end of the semester the all-important Board examinations loom. Grade 10 IGCSE students have already stopped regular classes in preparation for the exams. Grade 12 students are winding down revision classes and will have the final and emotional Graduation ceremony on 15th April.   We wish all the very best to both our exam groups as well as their parents. This is inevitably a stressful time for homes so do ensure healthy eating, enough sleep and calm nerves over the next 8 weeks.

Finally to reiterate the advance notice sent out, please note that school will reopen for the new year on 1st August. As you are making your summer bookings bear in mind that all students are required to be back on the first day of school.

Dr. Shalini Advani

School Director