9 May 2016

ART FEST in Pathways School Noida by Anil Kumar Goswami Visual Arts, HOD

“Mono printing and Chine Colle printing, mosaic tiles, Aquatic world in clay, Creative 3D assemblage works and Japanese traditional calligraphic brush paintings”

Art is a visual poetry and for all creative people art is an attempt to bring order out of chaos!

The Art department conducted an exciting stimulus to introduce students to different work with multiple workshops by guest artists. Five different specialists- Mr. Ashim Pal for Mono printing and Chine Colle printing, Ms. Mekhlla Harrison for mosaic art, Mr. Anirudh Sagar for Pottery work, Mr. Dattartraya Apte for creative assemblage sculptures and Mrs. Yuriko Ando Lochan for traditional calligraphy brush painting and oriental art.

In this ART FEST contemporary artists encouraged and enabled students to create and present art dynamically. Visiting artists followed various techniques for the workshop like demonstration, digital presentation, orientation, feedback, individual guidance and challenging all the candidates for new leanings.

PYP, MYP and IBDP students learnt and tried new skills. Guided by the visiting experts and all the art faculty at Pathways they developed an understanding of the surface qualities of colored inks , explored the dynamism of clay or sculpture, enjoyed learning about irregular colored tiles or the sensitivity created by Japanese brush strokes on rice papers.