6 February 2017

From the Primary School Deputy Principal, Mrs. Aruna Jha

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”  ― Helen Keller

Primary school begins the new semester with fervor of happiness and positivity to make it another fruitful term. Reflecting on the semester gone by I would like to thank our parent community for an enthralling Christmas carnival. The carnival bore the festive spirit and has been a true example of harmony and bonding. The innovative game stalls, food counters and the exciting activities portrayed a true sense of collaboration visible to one and all. This has been possible because   every member of the school community has been selflessly extending themselves for the benefit of students who are the heart of Pathways fraternity.

After the winter break everyone had done their prior planning and were once again enthused to learn, contribute and share. The children quickly settled into the new term and there is a happy buzz through the school which is good to see.

To consolidate student learning, parents have always been very supportive. Sparing precious time parents have been reinforcing our reading programmer from KG to grade 3. This has been welcomed wholeheartedly by the students and are eager to read with them.

Collaboration helps transform the process of learning.  An orientation for parents of Grade 5 to understand the objective of PYP exhibition has been appreciated. Eagerly   parents have been volunteering to collaborate with groups of students inquiring on Human made systems. The process for
many is emerging to be very nostalgic. An attitude of learning from students and parents supporting and guiding them in their inquiry is in true sense humility personified. Parents and students   once a week are reflecting on the progress of the inquiry with respective groups and suggesting changes and seeking opinion both ways to make it an experience worth remembering.

Grade 4 inquiry on Migration has provided students an opportunity to gather first - hand information from Brigadier Singh.   He kept his young audience gripped with personal anecdotes about his experiences of the largest mass migration between India and Pakistan. The interaction led students question further to understand the plight of refugees and reasons for migration. Interacting with the famous author Mr. Deepak Dalal led fourth graders make interesting connections between human migration and bird migration majorly for survival.

Besides a variety of learning engagements in school we continued celebrating important events around the world and this time it was India’s 68th Republic day. The day has been   celebrated across school in the primary and senior school assembly. Teachers decoding important constitutional terms through roleplays and grade 4 students identifying learner profiles with experiences of Gandhiji led all to recognize the value of celebrating Republic day.
In the lower primary all students and teachers are passionately working for the Rhyme time day. Editing the script, designing costumes, recording   music and working on stage performances has been   the focus in. They are working hard to prepare a show that matches up to everyone’s expectations.

Spirited as we are, grades across primary are also gearing for Readathon with a host of engagements planned to make reading enjoyable and enhance skills for reading effective. Teachers at Pathways need to continuously evolve and what better example of the many MIE certifications earned by our teachers. In the coming weeks   many opportunities are designed for the students to show case their understanding of various spectrums in multiple ways and we continue to motivate students to initiate action and grow.