17 May 2015

Health News by School Nurse Ms Santosh Sharma

A child's health is always a cause for concern to parents. Good health is necessary for proper growth and development both physical and mental. Keeping this fact in mind we have been conducting health check-ups for students every year since beginning. The purpose behind these check-up s is to diagnose any disease at initial stage and treat it in time e.g. vision problems, anemia etc.
 The annual medical check-up for students was organized on 8th, 9th and 10th of April 2015 at Health Centre,
Pathways school , Noida. Camp was organized in association with Max Hospitals, sec-19, Noida. A team of 3 Doctors including 1 Eye specialist, 1 Physician, 1 ENT, 1Technician, 1 Optometrist, and a Nurse had come to the school.  A physical examination along with thorough Eye check-up and ENT consultation were provided by the hospital. Dental check-up was done by Dr. Priyank Jayna and Dr. Seema.

 A total of 707 students underwent the Health Check-up.