17 May 2015

From the Director's Desk

The month of May is always a time of both endings and beginnings in a school.  Even as students and teachers are preoccupied with final summative assessments and exams, we are busy planning for the new year.  I would like to begin by celebrating some of our students who have recently excelled in different areas making us very proud of their accomplishments.
Aditi Amritesh
   Ahana Joshi

Anandita Ralli

Sanketh  Hotchandani & Devmay Dewan

Aditi Amritesh from Grade 5 was 2nd runner up in a nation-wide Scholastic competition for story-writing. Ahana Joshi of Grade 5 entered for the Trinity College exam for drums and got a distinction. Our Golf students continue to make us proud winning the overall championship in an inter-school sports event by  Anandita Ralli of  Grade 4 . 
  In a national inter-school creative technology competition, 'Camp K12', Sanketh  Hotchandani Grade 5 won the first prize  in the graphic animation category and Devmay Dewan Grade 5 got the special award for the 'Best  Fight scene under the graphic designing category.

School Culture

I would like to thank the parents and teachers who came together for a very useful exchange of ideas on school culture.  Out of the discussion emerged a reflection that in today’s world a single understanding of culture is no longer possible. We all grapple with a world dominated by wealth and brands and competitive aggression.  How different children respond to these is influenced by the attitudes and messages given out by adults.  We reviewed some of the steps being taken by the school through our community service and lifeskills programmes, and through the appointment of student ambassadors and the role played by the senior Student Council. Also discussed were the different follow up actions which are effective. To what extent is hard punishment effective in bringing about change? To what extent is reflection and acting to make up for a wrong done?  How should parents and school balance these two approaches?  In conclusion, we all agreed that the school’s plans to increase emphasis in the next academic year on a culture of kindness and on celebrating difference will help young people to develop these aspects.  It is also important to present the right role models who will communicate in the right way with students.

Staff Development Visit to US Universities

   At Pathways we recognise that the ongoing development of our staff is an essential feature of being a great school. Over the year 73 staff members – which is over 50% of our teachers – went to external workshops. In addition there were online trainings and in-house workshops.
Our Career and College counsellor  Deblina Chakraborty was part of a two week tour of US universities from the west to the east coast. It was invaluable for highlighting the profile of Pathways School Noida and establishing relationships with admissions counsellors in these universities. The particular requirements of different universities was an important learning.

Nepal Relief

Thank you very much to all families who contributed so generously to the drive to help the people of Nepal. In the light of information about the excess of materials trapped on the runway in Kathmandu we took a decision to gather the materials from
all three Pathways schools and directly deliver the material by road and distribute it via an on-ground organisation called Helping Hands. 

You can see more about it at:

Once the material gets distributed we will be sharing more pictures with you.

Our school hosted a unique  inter-school technology competition which was attended by schools from across the city. The event stood out because of the exciting variety of competitions for all age groups from Primary to Middle to Senior. But also because of two unique features – a Tech Slam like the popular Google Slam. And also because this was not just an event for students, but also included a brainstorming and sharing by teachers on the use of technology in education.


Thank you for cooperating with our enhanced security emphasis at the gate. It has become easier as the awareness of the importance of exeat cards has become more widely accepted. Our next focus is to be very strict with the need for exeat cards at bus stops. Please ensure that whoever is picking up the student has the exeat card with them. A failure to do this will mean that the student will not be handed over but will be brought back to the school.
And finally….
To all those families moving away from the NCR and Pathways – our very best wishes for your new phase. To Grade 12 students and their families who will be leaving us – our best wishes.  Do keep in touch and remember that you always have a place as a part of the Pathways family.  To all other families, a very happy summer break. I am sure you will take advantage of the time to have fun together as a family. I look forward to seeing you back in school on Wednesday 29th July.

Dr Shalini Advani

School Director