19 August 2015

Form 10 Geography field trip - When learning was empowered us with hands on experience, Aastha Agarwal, Gr 10, IGCSE Geography student

Form 10 Geography field trip- when learning was empowered us with hands on experience

IGCSE boards. The mere words are enough to give any IGCSE student palpitations. When our geography students time came to start with our coursework encompassing a field trip we were scared due to its weightage in our final grade. Little did we know that this 'hands on' experience would only empower our learning and broaden our understanding of the topic.

Our fieldwork task was to investigate the sphere of influence of two markets. 
So, in order to carry out the fieldwork on 4th August 2015 our first stop was Big Bazaar, Sector 18 Noida. We were supposed to investigate all the factors influencing its sphere of influence. For this we had a guided tour by Mr. Vikas Khanna- head of business operation of this hypermarket, where he patiently answered all our queries and gave us an insight into the working of retail world while providing us with facts that would be key to analyzing for our coursework. Our next step was to complete questionnaires and interact with customers, which made us use interpersonal skills as well as make our own judgment. Other activities included range survey, basket survey and bipolar environmental survey.

Next day our stop was Sabka Bazaar, Sector 50, Noida. We could easily see differences and form our hypothesis in our head. We proceeded with our surveys and got evidence supporting our hypothesis. We could also compare why sphere of big bazaar might be bigger.

In conclusion it was a learning experience like no other. Collecting our own evidence enabled us to test our research skills as well as had us develop some tact in administering questionnaire to people. We are grateful to our teachers for planning the trip, which became an asset to our knowledge.