11 December 2015

From the Middle School Principal, Mrs. Sunanda Sandhir

Children need to see themselves as responsible, empowered, and able to respond to challenges that come in their way. They need this for their self-esteem, for their lives to have a meaning, and also to learn to handle themselves responsibly. They need, like the rest of us, to feel like they matter.
Therefore while providing students the freedom to make choices, it equally essential to hold them accountable for their mistakes. Teachers play the role of facilitators as they facilitate student’s learning by teaching them to solve problems independently.
Student- led conference is one such event where the students get the opportunity to not only share their learning with their parents, but also reflect on it and thereby set goals. As one student shared “I am not good in communication and I think I need to work on bettering the skill.”
Some of our students got an opportunity to participate at Lancers International School for inter-school competitions and I am happy to share the laurels they brought.
•             Prithviraj Singh Shahani, Tanvi Amrit from form 7, and  Shreya Trikha from form 8 won the first prize in the ‘Parliamentary debate’ .
•             Harveen Anand got the First and Tushar Gupta got the Third Prize in Science Symposium. They both are form 8 students
•             In declamation, Harshita Gupta, Samarth Modi and Rishabh Menon from form 7 won the first, second and third prize respectively.

  • Dev Verma and Adit Anand won the third prize in Science model.
It is really amazing to see the opportunities of learning the students get through the world wide web. Ms. Mayura Tiwari provided one such experience to the students of form 6 as a part of their unit on Space. She researched on the internet got in touch with an astronomer from NASA - Mr Louis Mayo who interacted with the students on Skype ! He shared the presentation on “Pluto post New Horizon” and answered many questions that the students asked. A memorable experience indeed!
I am also thankful to our parents community who at different times come in to share their expertise with the students and motivate them.
As form 8 studied Pythagoras theorem and Slope of line in Maths, they had to use their learning to sketch and design a Ramp for for wheel chair keeping safety of handicapped in mind. Mr. Manish Gupta who is an architect, shared this expertise in a workshop with the students. Many students said,”This is one of the best workshop and we learnt so much”.
Everyday is a new experience and wide ranging activities keep us all mentally stimulated and happily engaged. As a result, we continue to grow.