5 February 2016

From the Senior School Principal, Mr. Alexander Abraham

The new year is already a month old and school is back to its normal routines and corridors filled with students beaming with joy and anticipation for what each new day carries for them. And as the new year has commenced we hear from students’ new resolve to try out new sports, work harder at their academics and look at new ways of learning and becoming better and unleashing latent abilities. It was the great writer C.S. Lewis who once said, “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” Words well said which once again shares the journey of a new year that has begun in earnest.

We have just concluded the semester ending exams for Senior School which have for the first time been held in January and it is interesting to note that students have shared that they could use the Winter Break to consolidate their learning and prepare for the exams in a more focused manner. However, we will look at all aspects as we chart out the course for the next year.

We look at our students’ achievements and are proud of them.
Radhika Sharma our student from Grade 12, was a finalist at the National Level Writing Competition where she was announced as one of the Five Grand Prize winners. It is wonderful to see our students excel on the National Stage and do so well. Another student of ours who has consistently been doing well at the National level is Kavya Gandhi
who has been excelling in badminton in various events and is one of the top seeds in the country for her age group. We have also had some of our students trialed out for the U-17 World Cup which is to be held in India in 2017. It is indeed delightful to see our students excelling in various fields.  That is what I believe we strive for at Pathways to create a space for each student to grow.  Very often we tend to compare ourselves with others and that leads to a sense of consternation, but one must compete with oneself and endeavour to improve and look for consistent improvement towards excellence. This is echoed so well in the words of Hemingway who once said, “There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”
The Second semester is replete with activities which are competitive though these are not to foster a sense of winners and losers but a sense of how to work at improving oneself and aiming for “Faster- Higher and Stronger”. Indeed education that works towards a goal to enable and ennoble a human being to achieve her/his utmost has fulfilled its task and aim. In this endeavour of building our children- our most prized gifts- we are proud partners and this is a cherished philosophy of Pathways.

At the recent Alumni Reunion of Pathways Schools in December 2015 we had the joy and privilege of our graduated students share their experience of the world “after Pathways.” Year after year we hear our students returning to tell us how they have been enriched by the learning they have had at school and how Pathways Noida prepared them for life. We then are quietly confident as we look out on the calendar year ahead that we will cherish new potential being discovered and students step forward to find their place in the sun.