5 February 2016

Visit to Sai Bal Sansaar, Dong Je Seo, Grade 5

Some of the council members including myself went to the Sai Bal Sansar school on Wednesday. The reason of our visit was to support them as sponsors through ‘Read-a-thon’ event. While we read books and talked with them, we got to know what they really need.
While looking through the whole school, I was so surprised that they were happy even though they didn’t have a single light bulb and a window. If it was me, I would have been feeling bad. Suddenly I felt appreciative for my parents to give me comfortable home. 
I learnt a lot from them. I thought that I should read a lot and collect money that could support them. I was so happy about the ‘Read-a-thon’!!! I didn’t care much about it last year but now I got a reason why I should do it enthusiastically. I could help the unfortunate kids myself by just reading more!!!
So, What I learnt was that we should be thankful to our parents for taking care of us and teachers for teaching well and the school for giving a great environment. We therefore should always be grateful that we have a school like PATHWAYS!