14 September 2016

Knowing K. G. Subramanyan’s Work : Visit to Kiran Nadar Museum for Grade 7

Last week, we visited an art exhibition displaying the art works of artist K. G. Subramanyan. Since I enjoy observing and creating art I was delighted at this opportunity to observe the art of artist K. G. Subramanyan and find inspiration for my own work. The moment I entered the exhibition area I could see several of the artist’s beautiful and mesmerizing creations on museum walls. I observed that the

artworks were mostly in semi-realistic style, the media being used  are watercolor, ink, oil and acrylic mostly on canvas or paper. A painting that caught my eye was that of a goat. I was captivated by the simple yet bold brush strokes painting style and the use of subdued but interesting earth tones appealed to me. I also liked the artist’s illustrated books that were on display - they conveyed deep and sensitive messages using creative illustrations. I was really impressed by the art style in K. G. Subramanyan’s books.
Later on during the tour of the exhibition, we were put into groups and encouraged to choose art works of Mr. Subramanyan that appealed to us. Each group then created short stories and noted down our observations based on the selected artwork. After that we moved on to view Mr. Subramanyan’s clay mural collection - ‘Anatomy Lessons’. There were three very moving pieces which were an abstract portrayal of violence in India - broken bodies in the artworks depicting how violence breaks the human spirit and society at large.
Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this trip and I felt it was a great learning experience for all of us. I look forward to more such trips we may have in the future.
Aditi Amritesh- Grade 7

We went to the Kiran Nadar Museum of Art where we viewed K.G. Subramanyan’s works. We noticed that he had displayed many types of works like pottery, mixed media, oil on canvas, ink, watercolor and acrylic. On the way we saw a “Vessels tree” which was huge! Its called “line of control” by artist Subodh Gupta. We were awed in admiration, some of us had funny thoughts like “what a waste of bartan” or “why didn’t they just use old vessels instead?” We had an activity where we were divided into groups and had to share our thoughts on any one painting we were attracted to. Later we had a discussion on details and aesthetics.
Arpit and Aisheeya -  Grade 7