14 September 2016

Vasant Valley Drama Festival

On 22nd August, the drama crew represented Pathways in a drama festival, while the Form 5 friends came to witness the festival. The festival was held at Air force auditorium, Subroto Park. The students had to prepare a play based on the theme " Jaldi Jaldi. " Ms. Garima and Ms. Shazia, our teachers for drama really helped us work on the play. Our play was based on 26/11 attack on the famous hotel, " The Taj Hotel "
We showed the positive effect of “jaldi jaldi, like a staff member of Taj gets late and when she reaches there the attack was going on, prompt thinking of survivors and rescuers. Our play was really good as we were the only school which thought of a positive impact of the theme instead of negative. Everyone loved it.
                                                                            - Suhani Goyal

Apart from the academics there was an opportunity for our actors.
There was a drama festival in vasant valley school in which many schools were participating and Pathways Noida was one of them. The theme was "Jaldi jaldi" and our school did a play on the 26/11/2008 Mumbai attack in which we showed a talk show called "survivors and their untold stories" in which the survivors reveal their untold stories of how being in a hurry saved their lives. We spent a lot of time making and settling our play and we were proud of our play, but apart from our play we also appreciate the other schools' hard work.
                                                                           - Katyayani Joshi

On 22nd August we went to Drama Festival organised by Vasant
Valley School. We prepared and rehearsed for 9-10 days. Initially we were a bit nervous, we had butterflies in our stomach, but towards the end we were very happy about how we performed. We all got the same theme- ‘Jaldi-Jaldi’. In our play some of us were given the role as terrorists, staff member, reporters and NSG commandos. After the performances, all the teams faced an interview with the audience, and answered some questions from other schools. When we were coming back to school we had a party in the bus. It was such an awesome opportunity to perform in the Drama Festival, I think we will remember this for a long time.                                                                

                                                                              – Suhana Datta