5 December 2016

World Scholars’ Cup by Vanshika Goel- 9A Prachi Sharma-9B Samarth Modi- 8B

The Tournament of Champions, is an extension of the World
Scholars’ cup, for the select teams that achieved the required score (in the global round in Bangkok). Around 700 scholars form 40 countries were selected, and our team from Pathways was to be one of them.

There were 4 events in all. The challenge was the first event to take place, this required each one of us to answer 120 questions in 60 minutes. The questions were based on subjects like-Music, Art, Literature, Social Sciences and Special Area. The theme for this year’s event was “An Imperfect World”.

The next event debate, was one of the team events, and played a crucial role in our scores as a team, and individually. The event was comprised of 3 debates, with other teams from around the world, in Yale’s Rosenkranz hall. One of the topics we debated on was, “Teachers should follow the principles of wabi sabi. In the debate event, we secured a total of four medals, a silver was received by each of us, for our team debate, and a gold medal was won by Vanshika for debating.
The other events were collaborative writing and scholar’s bowl, each quite competitive and tough.

Since the event was held at Yale University, we were taken around the campus by Yale students, attended a lecture by a Yale professor, a keynote address by a professor from Stanford on Genome Engineering and spent most of our time there. We also went on a day trip to Boston, where we visited and took tours of Ivy League Yale’s infamous “rival” school, Harvard, along with MIT! The trip was cold, but inspirational, where each and every scholar was able to picture themselves in the halls of one of these brilliant universities. On the last day, we went to New York a few hours before our flight, and were able to walk around Times Square, before it was time to head back to India… and warmer weather.

It was amazing interacting with students and teachers from around the world. Our 5 days at Yale, reminded us of just how big our world is, and just how much we can do to positively change it.