27 March 2017

India Art Fair Visit at NSIC Exhibition Grounds, Okhla Industrial Estate, New Delhi Anoushka Nalwa, Grade 11

Visiting to a grand art hub is an exciting experience. On 5th of February, all senior school art students visited the India Art Fair, South Asia’s modern and contemporary art fair, which seamlessly captured exactly what art meant to each one of us. The whole experience of observing art pieces from all around the world not only widened my horizons, but it also motivated me to create art work that not only looks beautiful or aesthetically rich but also relates to its viewer in some personal way. During the exhibition, I absorbed various perspectives of the world and understood how beauty is just a technique to capture attention, while the main objective of our work should be to move people and offer our perspective on the issues of the world.

During the trip, we also got to interact with a few artists and talked to them about their artistic practices and methodology. Furthermore, the whole experience of getting to view art pieces from around the world helped us pickup tons of new techniques and helped us understand the purpose of art better. The whole experience altogether, helped us understand different art pieces and the curatorial practice better while even introducing us to new art forms.