27 March 2017

NESTLE Chairman supports PYP Students

Produced below is the charming mail exchange between Joel Gaba our Grade 5 student and Mr Narayanan Chairman of Nestle on providing support for the fund raiser for an animal shelter

Dear Mr. Narayanan,

I am Joel Gaba, I am 10 years old and a student from Pathways World School, Noida. This e-mail comes to you as a request.

Me and my 3 classmates are planning and determined to put up a Maggi sale stall in our school to collect donation for an animal shelter in Delhi. We have ourselves visited this animal shelter and felt that they need help. But before we help them, we need your help in getting 400 maggi cups for the stall. We are requesting you to kindly provide us 400 maggi cups as this is for a good cause. Looking forward to your response.

Thank you!

Yours sincerely,
Joel Gaba
Primary School President - Grade 5

Dear Joel
I am so happy to receive this email from you and very proud of the fact that despite being such a young girl , you think about how to help animals lead a safer life . May God bless you and your friends because when you give more , you receive even more in life !
I will be happy to support the noble cause of setting up an Animal shelter and am pleased to gift you and your friends 400 MAGGI CUPPA which you may use to sell to people who can helpin collecting funds .
My colleague Shail & Yasha will contact Pathways School to ensure that this happens .
Once again , I feel proud of you and your class mates and of the wonderful school that encourages you to give back to society . We are all proud Indians and never forget this !!
Blessings and good wishes 
Suresh Uncle 

Dear Mr. Narayanan,

I am very excited and extremely thankful for your reply! 
We can't thank you enough for the help that you are extending to us. As you have become our 'angel investor' we would like to mention you in all our steps of our journey. It will really help us earn more towards the cause. Now I need your help to understand how do we get the maggi cuppa packs from you? Would you require any conveyance?
Also we have spoken to the director of our school - Dr. Shalini Advani and she suggested if we could get your e-mail on your company's letterhead. 

Once again, thank you very much for extending your support towards this cause.

Kind regards,
Joel Gaba

Dear Joel
I and more correctly Nestle is honoured to be your " angel investor " and I will continue to give you my blessings and support as best as I can.
I am requesting my colleague Rita to help coordinate the sending of 400 MAGGI CUPPA packs to you .I want you and your young enthusiastic classmates to plan how you will sell MAGGI and how much you need for an Animal shelter in terms of funds .
Best wishes
Suresh Uncle 

Thank you notes

Dear Suresh Uncle,

We are very grateful to you. Thank you very much for supplying us 400 Maggi cuppa! The whole school enjoyed the sale hosted to collect donation money for the innocent souls at the shelter. I am very sure that the animal shelter would feel very happy. We had our PYP exhibition and our topic was NGOs, we took the initiative regarding that. You have really helped us and as a result we mentioned you in our story because you contributed a lot towards humanity! I will never forget this experience.... Thank you very much!
We have attached some pictures.
Lots of Regards,
Joel Gaba
Grade 5
Primary school President

Note from Bhavya Balaji

Dear Suresh Uncle,

Have you ever seen 300 children standing in a line to buy Maggi ever? Yes, it happened on the 2nd of March at our school and you will be happy to see the photos attached. All this happened only because of your help.
All the students were very enthusiastic to buy, eat and contribute towards donation for Sai Jeev Ashram, the dog shelter home at Mehrauli near Vasant Kunj. This dog shelter NGO has over 350 stray dogs and find it difficult to manage funds. We found this when we had visited them for our research on NGOs. We felt bad and wanted to help immediately and at the same time didn’t want to ask our parents for money. Then we thought about the Maggi sale and we were so happy to collect the money for the NGO. The best part was all children were happy to eat Maggi at our school cafeteria.
We sincerely thank you for your immediate support and it was our first experience in getting a sponsor who could understand our feelings of charity. We hope you continue to support any such cause which we will organize once in a while.

Bhavya Balaji
Grade 5 A

Note from Ikshvaku Garg

Hello sir,
I am Ikshvaku from Grade 5A. I am writing this letter to you as you have helped us so much in helping Sai jeev ashram. We had a successful maggi sale in our schools’ cafeteria. We are really thankful to you contribution in our Maggi sale by giving us Cuppa noodles for free and that is how we were able to collect Rs 23,000 and it was a complete success only because of you.
Thank you sir for your help and the contribution you have done.
Yours sincerely,
Ikshvaku Garg
Grade 5

Note from David Abraham

Dear Suresh Uncle,

This is a thank you letter for the 400 cuppa maggis. It was a big success all over the school. You will not believe how much excitement the sale caused when the children heard about it. This was the first ever Maggi sale in Primary school at Pathways Noida and that too with a good cause. It has helped us a lot because this is going to the NGO Sai Jeev Ashram. Once again I would like to thank you so much for helping us , we have been really blessed by the experience. We will never forget your help.

Best Regards,
David Abraham