20 April 2015

Senior School Camps

Grade 9 trip to Uroli   
A team of 57 students accompanied by six teachers visited Uroli camp from 24 to 28 March, 2015 .  It was a thrilling experience.  Students participated in various activities like low rope, high ropes
, a tour to a nearby village. Mission impossible where our youngsters had to perform by picking up the small things placed in a circle while hanging on to the rope  …. It was really a wonderful adventure for all. Apart from this morning exercises with different comfortable ways selected by the INME instructors   were again a  very fun filling   activities .
The way the tour organizer took care of all of us and  provided  the best food available could not be overlooked .

Grade 10 trip to Rishikesh - Tapsi Kohli 
On the 24th of March, Grade 10 set out at 5 a.m. in the morning and began their journey to Rishikesh. The campsite was a marvelous sight. Endless white sands stretched ahead of us as the sun beat down on our heads and the emerald green river glistened in the distance. The next few days were filled with rafting, laughter, bonfires and a plethora of activities. One of the most memorable experiences at camp this year was the trek to the waterfall. The hike was grueling as we scaled the sides of the mountains but the waterfall made the journey worth it. The cascading waters were a sight worth seeing. Clear, glistening water slowly rolled down the sides of the hill and the sound of drops hitting the ground was calming to our ears. Another memorable activity for me was Tubing. We floated on the clear, sparkling waters and our journey from one end to another end was exhilarating. Finally it was an experience that we will never be able to forget.