20 April 2015

Bake Sale - An Interact Initiative - Bhavika Hotchandani Dy. Director – Interact club

On the 13th of March 2015, Pathways School Noida hosted the annual science and art exhibition: Jharoka.

To increase the excitement of the event, the Interact Club held their first fund-raiser: the Bake Sale. The funds thus collected would be added to the Interact funds and used for renovation work at Sai Bal Sansar school, a school for the less privileged in Noida. A wide variety of delicious cakes and cookies as well as some refreshing punch was available throughout the day to be relished by everyone. Volunteers behind the counter were busy all the time with not a moment to spare, delighted to serve high-spirited students, teachers and parents. The event was a huge success where a total amount of Rs. 51290 was raised. As this was the first event organized by the new committee, there were ups and down … But then again, mistakes are to be learnt from and as a team we have developed our organizational skills and have become stronger and are better prepared for future events.