20 April 2015

Jharokha, Cities of the future !!

 Primary Perspective..- Sanketh Hotchandani, Gr 5
This week on Friday we had Jharokha!!! We had been working hard on our city the whole week and the work really paid off. On Tuesday we started making the plan for the city as Aryan’s Mom and Prisha’s dad came in to help us. They both had experience so that helped us to understand the main concept.  We had decided to have the requirements of a city, like residential complexes, offices, malls, metro stations, roads and many more.
Then we also added some places in the city to help other living organisms such as artificial biomes, green belts, forests and more. From Wednesday, parents started coming in to help us with our projects. They helped us a lot with our models and gave us lots of ideas for our city. We carried on working and by the end of Thursday our city was complete. We had decided to call it “Sci-5 City”. On the day of Jharokha, we all were really nervous as we were competing with seniors and we hoped that they liked our city. Personally I was in the second group of students and I had to talk about a Master Plan.

I basically talked about the problem I foresee of over population and there will be not enough residential areas and how it will lead to unplanned city. Then I said how we have estimated the amount of population in the future and if we keep residents at top priority we can have enough space for every one but because the malls and offices are taking up loads of space, there is no space for residents. At the end of the day we went around visiting other models and cities and we had great fun!!!

P.S: A special thanks to all the parents who came and helped us through out this process and we really appreciate it !!!

My First Jharokha Experience 2014-15 by Katyani Mehra Grade 9
On March 13th 2015, Pathways World School was sparkling with enthusiasm and creativity. This being my first experience with Jharokha, I was indeed nervous to finally showcase a model I, along with my group, had been working on for over two weeks and put immense hard work into. The ground floor of the secondary building was dynamic, bright and vivid with models, projects and artworks all around.
This year, the theme was ‘Future Cities’ which I thought was appropriate as every day, a new invention is introduced to our world that benefits us environmentally as well as personally. We were motivated to think outside the box with helpful guidelines and support from teachers who encouraged us with our ideas and plans. To be honest, starting the brainstorming process was the most challenging step as my group; Mantika Singh, Varshikha Jyoti, Aditi Agarwal, Radhika Gupta I, had our individual inputs that we wanted considered. During this process, we learnt to be open-minded and appreciate each other’s ideas which definitely sped up our journey. Fortunately, our brain juices were flowing the day we came up with our final decision for the two categories; working model for transportation and a depictive model that showes a new idea to save energy and reduce carbon footprints. After several ideas and a few quarrels, we finally started gathering our materials and working on our models.
In the span of two weeks, all five of us met up, bought all the materials we needed (of course, trying to be eco-friendly) and begun our model foundations. The depictive model we chose was of a future city that will have noise absorbers on every street lamp that will absorb noise up to a certain decibel, buildings representing vertical farming for space conservation, more oxygen and keeping the temperature cool especially in extremely hot cities like Delhi as well as buildings that will have compulsory solar panels on their roofs. For our working model, we made a car that had a small hand vacuum inside of it that represented a solar powered vacuum that will sense trash on the streets and pick it up while driving. We thought it was quite an innovative idea that will appeal to the judges as well as the audience.
When the day finally arrived, we set up our stations with our models ready for showcase. Each one of us divided responsibilities and whenever somebody came to see our model, we made sure to give them as much information as possible so they can get a clear idea of what we want our future to consist of. Even walking around the building and seeing other groups’ projects made us knowledgeable and it was incredible to see how innovative Pathwayzians really are. None of this would have been possible without our hard-working teachers who made every aspect of this day a big success and one that I’m sure we won’t forget!

The Art Side