4 December 2014

Culture Galli Pathways Noida - by Ms. Sania Arora and Ms.Upasna Khera, Form Tutors Gr 2

On a pleasant winter morning, it was a delight to see our ever enthusiastic parents of the Primary School set up a variety of Culture Stalls for the Culture Gully. The walk through the gully was an interesting one as one could view the Chinese, Korean,

Persian, Bengali, Punjabi, North Indian Muslims, Marwadi, Tamil, Bulgarian and Awadh stalls. These stalls gave the students a real taste of “diversity” prevalent in the world today. The students got an opportunity to experience, think and reflect on how diverse cultures can co- exist together. They tasted Bengali sweets, Chinese tea and various other popular dishes native to different cultures, they enjoyed using chopsticks, learned about various rituals and writing their names in Korean and Tamil. It was a fun filled event with lots of learning.