4 December 2014

NINS - North India Network of Schools Job-Alike-Session by Dr. S. Sawant, PYP Coordinator

Our school is generally a quiet place on Saturdays and Sundays.

However last Saturday the 22nd of November saw a great buzz in the Primary block.  124 teachers and a number of Primary School Principals and PYP Coordinators from 23 PYP schools all across the North of India who come under the banner of NINS – North India Network of Schools that has now officially become NINNS – North India and Nepal Network of Schools as schools from Nepal too have joined this network came together for a Job-Alike-Session that our school hosted.

Inquiry in the Early Years, Inquiry for Forms 2 to 5, Transdisciplinary Teaching Learning, Differentiation, Assessments, Inclusive Education- SEN & EAL and The role of Library were the seven significant discussion areas chosen for this meet. Fourteen of our teachers were actively involved in moderating and co-moderating these sessions and some others were enrolled as participants
The sessions started with welcome, registration and breakfast and was followed by a welcome address by our School Director Dr. Shalini Advani and the Principal, Primary school and Mrs. Usha Lamba. The Chariman of the NINNS, Mr. Siddhartha Kapoor also addressed the gathering. The

participants were given a glimpse of what happens in our Primary school through a short movie which showed our students and teachers in action. This was taken further by the PYP Coordinator Dr. Swati Sawant who brought to the group’s attention the logistics of the day to ensure everyone’s comfort and the smooth running of the event.

The role of the moderators and co-moderators  was to make all the participants in their group comfortable, monitor the discussions on the defined agenda and also facilitate other related discussions that emerged in the process. They made us very proud by the way they conducted these sessions and received many compliments for their knowledge, understanding and the confident and professional manner in which they fulfilled their part. Apart from this these teachers were of course a part of the group that they were working with, sharing openly and with gusto the numerous successful PYP practices that we follow in our school which – judging from the anonymous survey conducted at the end -  were well received by all participants.