4 December 2014

Illustrator/Authors interaction with Form 4

Pathways Noida has always believed in taking the learning beyond the classroom and true to tradition Form 4 had an extremely interactive session with two eminent authors/illustrators on the 27th November 2014. The two authors who visited were Ms. Vanita Pai and Ms. Ritu Khoda.
Both the authors cum illustrators are passionate about art and gave up their professions to pursue their passion. They have produced a wonderful book for children on the artist Raza, entitled Raza’s Bindu.
The session began with a story “Bindu”. They showed canvases painted to depict the settings of the story and one of them narrated  it. The students were seen glued to this interesting way of storytelling and loved the painted pictures. The story spoke about a young boy and his fascination with a dot ‘Bindu’ and his wild imagination of it. The young boy grew up to be the great artist Raza winning many accolades worldwide.
The two illustrators then had a discussion with students provoking them to express their views on what was the significance of the ‘bindu’ that Mr. Raza had drawn as a child. This was further explored by the students who drew and coloured their perspectives of the bindu. It was a delight to watch the hesitation to draw of students quickly turn into enthusiasm and creativity. The work done was later shared with their peers and some of the thoughts were very interesting. Perspectives like a time machine, a spiral wheel picking and mixing all the colors of the world, showing Pathways Logo, peace for everyone and many more were shared by the students as their thoughts on bindu.
This activity not just brought out the creativity, hidden artist in every student but also added wings to their thoughts.