4 December 2014

From the Director's Desk

 As we come up to the last newsletter of this year, students and teachers are busy with different forms of assessment. It seems like a good time to think about how assessment is seen at Pathways. This depends greatly on what grade level a student is at. Senior school students launch into their mid-year exams which will be followed by a Parent Teacher meeting and reports at the end. Tests and exams are an important way of measuring how much students know, in relation to what they are expected to know by the Board. They are useful as summative feedback.
However they measure, rather than help a student to understand what exactly they need to set as targets or what they need to change in the way they are studying. International schools around the world have increasingly begun to involve students in the process of assessment and this is the value of the Student Led Conferences.
This week students from Form 3 to 8 sat individually with parents to review their progress after thinking through their levels with their teachers. Judging from the feedback , this thoughtful, reflective process is useful in helping students to see how far they have come in their learning and for parents to understand how they can help. From the carefully monitored SLCs in Primary to the more independent self-review of middle school, this form of self-analysis is very important in enabling students to become independent learners.

Events Upcoming
The last few days of the semester are packed with varied activity.
On 17th December we have the Day of Sharing which focuses on our support staff, celebrating their talents and focusing students on the major role played by them in keeping the school going. Staff put up a show for which students are the audience. This is followed by a langar lunch served by the students.

The Christmas Carnival on 18th December is a wonderful coming together of students and parents to work and have fun together over interesting games (run by students) and great food (provided by parents). All proceeds from the event go towards raising funds for Sai Bal Sansar school. Although it is a week day, I hope as many  parents as possible, will attend. Please do remember to carry your exeat cards as our usual security measures will be in place.

January Schedule
The last day of school is 18th December. It re-opens for students on 15th January. Please do ensure that your child is back in school on the first day. As always school timings in January are later in light of the weather so we will begin at 9.30 am.

Let me take this opportunity to wish you and your loved ones a very happy time over this festive season.

Dr. Shalini Advani
School Director