14 September 2015

Anti Bullying Week - Primary & Secondary School, by Akanksha Singh, Anupriya Kapoor & Dr, Arti Bakshi, School Counsellors

Bullying is so common in our lives that we don’t even realize that it’s happening when it does. We believe it to be something normal, everyday thing, when it’s not. Not even close. Every time it happens, it breaks us and rips us apart bit by bit.

At Pathways, the idea to mark an anti-bullying week was to empower children and young students to make a noise about bullying – whether it is happening to them or to someone else, face to face or online. The event highlighted the school’s policy and rules on Bullying, followed by a radio show launching the bullying week and setting the rhythm for the week with a flash mob performance.
Primary school students got involved with various activities like -
assemblies, poster displays, activities and brainstorming on ‘what a bully looks like?’, ‘where and when bullying happens’. Short skits were performed by grade 5 students in upper primary classes. They performed a flash mob and left classrooms with a pondering question for the class students. They had to visualize themselves in the victim’s shoes and try finding solutions to the underlying issues. An inter-house slogan competition was also organized to repeat the anti-bullying message again and again.
In primary school emotions associated with a victim, a by-stander and a bully were debated on.”
What to do when someone is bugging you” were worked in groups, how to fill yours and others ‘emotional buckets’ with compliments were thought of. Students wrote compliments for their peer and shared their belief in their talents and virtues.  A bucket full of compliments happened. These positive messages along with a kind act towards their peer, formed the ‘random act of kindness’ board.

All levels of students actively participated in various activities like
a whole school assembly, various competitions viz poster making, poetry writing, moving making, slogan writing, anti-bullying photo commercials and anti bullying workshops. Last but not the least secondary school students celebrated pink shirt day, symbolizing their stand against bullying, wearing pink shirts, marching and shouting out slogans to communicate that the school is a bully free zone and in no forms is bullying to be accepted.