14 September 2015

MYP Assessment Workshop by Vanshika Goel Gr 8B

MYP assessments are inquiry based criterion related assessments.
On the 3rd of September, the parents of grade 6 and those of the new students were invited to school to learn about how assessments are an integral part of a student’s learning in the MYP. The session started with an introduction of the MYP by Mrs. Sandhir followed up by detail presentation of MYP curriculum overview by Ms. Anshu Sharma. Later, Dr. Advani explained the importance of sharing the rubrics before attempting an assessment through a very interesting “clap activity”.
In another interesting activity, parents were given pictures of three different “Sand Castles”. They were asked to assess given pictures according to the MYP criterion sheet. Once that was over, the parents and Ms. Anshu discussed the grading process in more detail.

Parents were also given an opportunity to transfer their learning of rubric based assessment to assess two actual student samples of grade 6 science. Task sheet and rubric was shared with parents. Each parent group was assigned two students to help them with task and criterion. This was very useful activity for parents. I was also given an opportunity to talk about my understanding of assessment process in the MYP. I spoke about how Students are made aware of the expectation before assessment takes place. I also talked about how Rubrics are shared and simplified for students to understand what is expected of them.

The workshop ended with a closing note my Ms. Anshu and Mrs. Sandhir. The feedback given by the parents was amazing, and I am sure everyone will have a better understanding of the MYP assessment procedure after the session.