14 September 2015

Form 4 & 5 Field Trip to the Art Gallery

Learning happens in real life situations. To strengthen our this belief the students of Form 4 took a trip to the National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi on the 9th Sept 2015.

The students are inquiring into the theme ‘How We Express Ourselves’ to explore how messages are created or manipulated to target specific audience. To take their learning further they made connections between art form used as a form of their expression. In the visual art lessons students had done an artist study on Subodh Gupta and they identified the installations done by him in the museum. First one was a beautiful installation created with stainless steel utensils and the other one was a tree of steel with steel utensils as the leaves. The students perception was that the artist was giving the message to save trees and not get influenced by the shiny materials around or else we will have a world of steel.

Inside the museum they appreciated the art work of various artists belonging to different era. They loved the way the artists had acquired their own unique style of expressing using different elements of art. Some of the students were excited and tried replicating their favourite artists work.This was a trip extremely enjoyed by the students and it brought out amazing relevant connections between the theme and the real world. 
Ms. Sonia Singh, Form Tutor Gr 4

On 9th September 2015, grades 4 and 5 went for a trip to the

"National Gallery of Modern Arts." This was a trip filled with learning and enjoyment. Art is the medium to express our perspective, thinking, emotions, and feelings. All the pieces depict the interest, culture and tradition. These artworks were allotted into different sections. The purpose of going there was to inquire into our theme for the PYP exhibition “How We Express Ourselves”. We were introduced to a new artist Amrita Sher-Gill (1913 to 1941) there were a lot of beautiful paintings in which she mostly used oil paints over canvas. We also learned a lot of new forms and media of art like paper pulp and water colors over silk and many more. It was even more fun as the art teachers guided us through most of the paintings displayed around the art gallery painted by different artists. We were at first guided by Mr. Ganguly from the art gallery. 

All of us were noting the names of the artists and the forms of art they painted to express themselves. We all could relate to the theme and many of the key concepts in the class as we reflected on our trip.

This lead to our learning for our PYP (primary year program) exhibition. By looking at each unique piece, we could somewhat understand and appreciate the painting. The different artists used different like tempera, tempera wash, silk, water colors, oil paint, ink, and many others. We also explored the work of artists like Amrita Sher-Gill, Nandlal Bose, Frank Brooks, Upendra Marathi, Raja Ravi Verma etc. We also had a look at 3 installations, one was named Dada by Subhodh Gupta and other the Triumph of Labour by Devi Prasad Roy Chawdhury, with it was a followup task on Triumph of Labour. 

Then we all were back to school. There like every field trip we wrote our reflections but this time in our exhibition journal.

Vidit Goel and Dhriti Bhattacharya, Gr 5