9 February 2015

Gr 7 Yakult Workshop by Arshee Sahni 7A

On the 30th of January, 2015, two members of the Yakult Danone India Ltd had come to our school to give us some information about Nutrition and Health which is our current unit in Science. It was basically an interactive session where we learnt new things about the human body and asked different questions about them.
First we were introduced to them and they gave us some facts about our digestive system-  for example; they told us that the length of our digestive system is 12 metres long and the oesophagus is 24 cm long. In between the session, they asked us some questions just to test our knowledge so far and they would give a prize to the person who gave the right answer.
After all the facts about the digestive system and the quiz, the visitors showed us a cartoon video of the probiotics in our small and large intestine and how Yakult Probiotics supplements that. It showed us the different enzymes and chemicals in our intestines which take in the nutrients eaten by us. It also showed us how bad nutrients could harm us.
Overall this interactive session was very informative and it was fun also. We all look forward for more interactive sessions like these!