22 November 2012

Children’s Day in Pathways

Although Children’s Day is celebrated on the 14th of November, we in Pathways had no less of a celebration on the 16th of November. Solely for the purpose of entertaining us, the teachers sang and danced for us. The Primary School teachers performed a play called ‘The Grumpy Dragon’, which according to me amused the Primary students quite a lot. Even for us, Secondary students, it was a thoughtful act. Next up were the Middle School teachers, performing a parody of the hit song, ‘Gangnam Style’. They called it ‘Pathways Style’. It was hilarious not only because of the teachers’ dancing, it was also fun to watch them rap to the lyrics that was composed by them reflecting what we students have to be involved with on a daily basis. For a final group performance, the Senior School teachers imitated some of the Secondary students and we, as an audience, had to guess who they were imitating. It was an exhilarating and mind-blowing performance. After this, we thought the assembly might have been over, but we were wrong. A couple of other teachers performed to a few songs and Pankaj Sir, from IT even recited a song backwards; it was truly marvelous to watch. We owe our teachers a token of thanks, not only for a fabulous Children’s Day, but also, for being fantastic as teachers throughout the year.
Shubhi Raghav
Grade 7B