22 November 2012

Interact Club

The Interact Club took the initiative to share our celebration of Children's day.  The members of the Interact club and the CAS group of 11th and 12th grade students celebrated this day with the students of Prabhodhan school at Hazipur Village. We got a perfect attendance on this day as we had told the village children to tell their friends that they will be served with food, be allowed to play games and participate in varied sports, and would get gifts at the end of the celebration. 
The day began with a shared lunch in the school cafeteria. Our visitors thoroughly enjoyed sitting with Interact club members in the cafeteria, and being well looked after by them.  After time for free play, it was time for the games to begin. The village students had been prepared for certain races during their regular  visits to the school in our weekly CAS – Service sessions . We organized different races for them ranging from Sprint to Obstacle races . The children who stood first, second and third position were given prizes at the end of the races. At the end the members of the Interact club and the CAS group presented all village kids with a nicely packed gift comprising of a colouring book and crayons for the children. At the end , one of the village kid also spoke about the entire event and thanked us.  All the village children went back happy and the smiles on their face gave us happiness. We all enjoyed our CAS lesson with the kids.
Vidushi Sachdeva
Grade 11-A