9 November 2012

Inter House Basket Ball Competition

Over the month of September and early October, Pathways School, Noida held its 2nd Inter-House Basketball Competition. All the four houses participated very enthusiastically in this event. The results are as follows:
Grade               Teams                       Score (Pts)       Winner
7 & 8           Water   House v/s Earth House               28 - 16                      Water House
9-12                   Air House v/s Fire House               Fire House won           Fire House
(Girls)                                                                                by 1 point(s)
9-12              Water House V/s Earth House                12 - 21                     Earth House

The players who displayed outstanding skills are being awarded with medals under the following categories:

             Player with maximum score

             Upcoming player

             Fair play

In Middle School, the house teams consisted of Form 7-8 Boys & Girls whereas in Senior School, the house teams were separate for Boys & Girls. All the students were passionate to represent their house in this event. The matches were played on knock out format.

The houses had started practicing for their matches well in advance. On the day of the matches, which took place during the CAS Action lessons, all the teams played very devotedly. It was pleasing to see confidence and dedication bursting out of the players’ hearts and souls. Each match had something new to teach us. This event gave many their first experience as a part of a basketball team while others were able to improve their skills.

The development of skills is time consuming and requires regular practice and patience. Nevertheless, all the players displayed immense team spirit and performed the best they could. Overall, the performance of all participants was worth appreciation because ‘Champions keep playing until they get it right.’

Mansi Gupta
Sports Captain