9 November 2012

From the Director's Desk

I would like to begin by thanking all those of you who wrote or expressed your appreciation of our very successful Founders Day. The sharing of their learning through the exhibition and the vibrant programme showcased the wonderful talent of our students. If in the lead up to Founders, they learnt that hard work and attention to detail can be fun, all the applause they got on the day showed them a taste of success. Through every event, we look for the bigger learnings which go well beyond simply putting up a show. And true to the spirit of internationalism students share their responses with you in different languages later in this blog.


Focussing on Diwali, students from Form 10 presented a thoughtful and unusual take on the festival. It included a television-style discussion group on today’s practices, the production of fireworks, commercialization, the rise in adulteration of sweets etc.  Looking for contemporary relevance, a new way of finding meaning in a traditional tale came through a student-made film which transposed the story of Ayodhya and vanvaas to the contemporary world of teenagers and a boarding school. In this very modern story, the central ideas of the triumph of good over evil, of brotherhood and jealousy came through in a different way. It was an excellent demonstration of how our students apply established ideas to new situations, cleverly using technology to do so. 
Linked to Diwali celebration, Friday was National Dress Day. At the primary school assembly children wearing traditional clothes from areas as varied as China, Japan, the US, Germany talked about their dress in a spontaneous display. The fabulous range of clothes from India including Punjab, Rajasthan, Bengal etc  created awareness of the relationship between dress and culture
Professional Development
Teachers from the Primary school attended a two day workshop conducted by the IBO. Workshop leader Jason Graham who flew in from Indonesia, focused on Teaching and Learning practices in interactive and stimulating sessions. This is what he had to say about the experience: "I was just in India running a PYP workshop with the great teachers at Pathways NOIDA in New Delhi. What a fantastic experience. Every time I run a workshop I always take away so much.  I learn so much.  This one was special."  The workshop was part of our ongoing journey towards full  PYP authorization, a process which takes a minimum of three years.  Next month we will welcome Khushnuma  Ferazndi from the American School in Mumbai who is the IB appointed consultant to the school. Meanwhile our teachers led by the PYP Coordinator Dr Swati Sawant and Mrs Lamba are hard at work putting together the documentation required for the process.
School System Issues
Please do remember to let the Form tutor know if your child is absent from school. This communication network helps ensure safety and will assist teachers in supporting work which has been missed.
Some of you will have found that in the uniform shop jackets or sweaters are not available in all sizes. We have been constantly pursuing this with our supplier who assures us that they will be in stock by next week. 
Upcoming Events
Please do remember to drop in to the Kahani festival hosted at the school on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th. The events are particularly attractive for primary school but will be of interest to all those who enjoy storytelling, puppetry and performance.
The first inter-school tennis tournament is on this Friday and Saturday. Schools from Noida, Delhi and Gurgaon are participating.
The Gati dance group are conducting a special 3 day workshop on dance for students from Form 8. This will run from Thursday to Saturday.
The Australian illustrator and writer Frane Lessac who is in India for Bookaroo, the children’s literary festival, will visit school to talk to students from Form 5 – 7. You can find out more about her at http://www.franelessac.com/.  Many thanks to our parent Jaya Bhattacharya Rose for setting this up.  
Finally, middle school inter-house matches for soccer begin in the last week of the month.
Shalini Advani
School Director