22 November 2012

From the Middle School Principal

Education is not just academic learning, but also involves social, ethical and emotional competencies. Students at middle school are therefore exposed to multitude activities, both in the classroom and outside it.

Form 6 students have finished a unit in Geometry and are now composing a song to revise the math concepts learnt.  Well, Math need not just be numbers and shapes after all! In history Form 8, after having studied World War 1, are analyzing and writing their own version of the - ‘Treaty of Versailles’ -according to their understanding and historical perspective .
Students of Form 8 are working on their Personal Project where they will be writing a report based on their research and process. Ms Geeta Verma, IB coordinator therefore conducted a workshop on Academic Honesty. She reiterated the importance of original and authentic work where ideas and work of others is acknowledged and referencing of all sources is done.

Form 8 is also attending a dance appreciation workshop- Left Foot Right, conducted by ‘Gati Dance’. It is about joyful learning through dance and not just learning a dance form. The aim of the workshop  is to enable the students to experience and appreciate the arts, which develop values, skills and attitudes in a person.
               Grade 8 Dance Workshop
Frane Lessac, an author and illustrator of international renown visited and addressed  Form 6 and 7 students . She has well over 20 published books to her credit and was awarded The Muriel Barwell Award for Distinguished Service to Children's Literature.
Middle School also begins a Read- a- thon on 27th November,2012.The initiative is to support the underprivileged by raising funds in our own little ways .Read  for  GOONJ is designed for our children to read to raise funds  by getting sponsors for the pages read and thereby improve their own reading skills.
This year some of the middle school students have been initiated into Model United Nation and will also be training for it .Many of them will be experiencing and participating in Inter-school MUN which is going to be hosted by Pathways Noida. A team of five students will also be going to Singapore to attend International MUN in February .
We will continue to engage students in such activities which make learning interesting and more meaningful.

Sunanda Sandhir

Principal Middle School