5 March 2015

Back to School by Nandini Gaur, Mitakshi Mathur Gr 6 and Shikha Chaterjee Gr 7

On February 14, 2015,
an event took place in our school. Instead of us students attending classes, our parents came back to their childhood and attended classes like proper school students. This event was held to help the parents of form 6-7 understand how the MYP curriculum is taught, how the students learn through different concepts, how assessment is conducted and also what units we students will be covering  ahead. 
The parents reported to school at 8:30 a.m. The bell rang, and they assembled in the MPH (Multi-Purpose Hall). There they were explained how we go about our units in MYP through presentations by a few of our students. 6A had taken the example of Science and 6B had taken the example of Math.
After the presentations, the parents began their first lesson. Nandini Gaur, Grade 6A had this interesting episode to share: ‘The volunteers told the parents about the late slip process. It was really funny when we saw our parents asking the volunteers if they had to get a late slip or not.’
Another student, Shikha Chaterjee, of Grade 7 B was a volunteer at a Design & Technology lesson. In her own words: ‘In DT we demonstrated how to make a butt joint from the measuring and marking stage to the drilling and finishing.
The parents were quick learners and acquired new skills. Those parents who had done design technology earlier still said that it was still quite a new experience as the tools had developed considerably. We managed to teach all the parents the process of making the butt joint and at the same time we as students got better and more experienced at making the joint! It was fun and enjoyed working and helping them.’
There was great excitement amongst us, seeing the parents in the class rooms and studying. In every class all the parents had to do some activity. During break all the parents wrote a feedback on the day that had passed so far. One parent stated “It was a good experience attending the classes and the way the teachers taught us what do. Overall it was an excellent experience up till now”.
After the break was over the parents went back to their remaining classes and then headed to the cafeteria after all the lessons were over. A volunteer stated” It was a fantastic day and great fun guiding the parents where to go.”
So enthusiastic was one parent about the whole process that she lamented when it was  over, regretting that they would now have to ‘go back home!” Another parent was full of praise about the Music lesson she had attended, writing that ‘learning about Notes in Music was so much fun!’, while yet another parent couldn’t believe he had not looked at his phone for 4 hours, so engrossing were the lessons !