5 March 2015

Students’ Council workshop Shaheer Nasim Haider Magazine Editor

February 14. Valentine’s Day AND a Saturday. While everyone else was enjoying a fun day off, Pathways School Noida’s brand new Students’ Council spent half the day in school attending a workshop on leadership conducted by our advisors Ms Smita and Ms Sonali.
The workshop focused on various aspects of leadership from the skill set required in a leader to importance of communication and challenges of communication and collaboration while in a position of leadership. This was done through a series of hands-on activities that required us to reflect on them post the activity was done. We set our personal goals based on the learnings from these sessions.
Post lunch, we had a discussion with Dr. Advani who began by asking us for our thoughts on how the school spirit could be strengthened within the school community. As a council we brainstormed ideas and discussed issues along with a tentative plan of action for the same.
From a personal point of view, I would say February 14 was very well spent. It brought into focus our roles and responsibilities as representatives of the school community and empowered us with methods to do the same. It also helped us bond better with each other in the council. I look forward eagerly to the next workshop.