5 March 2015

Grade 5 trip to APPL Factory, Arushi Lakhanpal and Ahana Joshi Grade 5

Form 5 is inquiring into the TD theme ‘Sharing the Planet’ for their PYP exhibition. On 19th  February, eight of us  visited  Agra Products Pvt. Ltd. factory to extend our understanding of the  industrial waste and effective waste management.
The whole environment of the building was well maintained. We later sat at the office and discussed briefly about some facts about the factory before we went on the tour of the factory. During the tour of the factory we observed the process of manufacturing and the production of jewellery and the different kinds of wastes produced. We also observed the whole process of recycling. They produced a lot of waste and could cause a lot of pollution. To reduce pollution, the factory first cleaned the water which was polluted by using active carbon. The soap and clean water both got separated. This water was again re-used to wash and clean floors. We found out that  to reducing waste, the factory uses the incinerator to burn the waste and this is then sent to a Landfill in Kanpur. But the air produced is polluted, so they have “scrubbers” which purify the air and hence their factory is a ‘zero emission factory’.

 We observed that they had separate dustbins for different kinds of waste; something we had in our school too! Most of us had cameras to take pictures of important machines while the rest of us noted down the names and functions of the machines. Ms.Kriti also shared some observations she had made while we were walking. The workers were wearing gloves and goggles to protect their hands and eyes from hazardous chemicals and sparks which may be harmful. This experience helped us to inquire further into waste management and understand the requirement for waste management.