5 March 2015

Form 3 Field trip to Asola Wild Life Sanctuary, Aruna Jha, Form Tutor Gr 3

On 18th February Form -3,  
with members of ‘Swechha foundation’ were out to explore Asola Wildlife sanctuary. The purpose was to inquire further about concepts of habitat, ecosystem, adaptation, survival and interdependence. The young walkers of Form -3 were comfortably attired with fully covered track pants and hoodies. All were curious, excited and some even worried of what dangerous animals they might encounter.

The forest trail was really an enjoyable experience. As groups started trotting they discovered new things about variety of species and their interdependence. During the walk students   spotted species of birds and plants. Termite mounds and ant hills were observed with great interest. Blue bulls of all sizes were spotted. Importance of native species like Amaltash, and morning glory was attentively heard by all. Keekar a tree often seen in and around Delhi was actually an imported species and why it thrived in the region was discussed.

Our tour leader also shared adaptive features of cactus plants, and variety of snakes and nocturnal animals in the forest. Students were constantly encouraged to identify relationships between various species found in the area. Viewing carcass of a dead wolf at close quarters was exciting and lead to examining the role of decomposers and scavengers in the ecosystem. The forest walk helped bring out negative and
positive relationships existing in the ecosystem.  The thought of discovering and exploring through the forest trail motivated students to listen to the guide and observe the forest with curious minds.

Many students expressed the desire to continue the walk and come back again to spend more time. Even though they did not encounter wild animals that they thought of, students surely found the forest walk an exciting experience.