5 March 2015

Pathways School Noida marks the period of 9TH Feb to 13th Feb as our DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP WEEK by Ms. Geetanjali Dewan Head ICT

During this week, there has been a planned focus to sensitize our community that includes students, teachers, parents and even the administration on issues regarding the Internet, Security, Digital Health and Digital footprints.

This year, we outlined the following threads:
Thread 1: Digital Access – Implications of having digital access to the world
Thread 2: Digital Commerce - The ability for users to recognize that much of the economy is regulated online.
Thread 3: Digital Communication - This thread concerns the standard of etiquette associated with understanding the variety of online communication mediums such as email, instant messaging, Facebook messenger, the variety of apps, and so forth.
Thread 4: Digital Literacy - This deals with the understanding of how to use various digital devices. For example, how to properly search for something on a search engine versus a database.
Thread 5: Digital Etiquette -Certain mediums demand more appropriate behavior and language than others.
Thread 6: Digital Law - This concerns the enforcement of laws against illegal downloads, plagiarizing, hacking, creating viruses, sending spams, identity theft, cyberbullying, and so forth.
Thread 7: Digital Rights and Responsibilities - This is the set of rights digital citizens have such as privacy, speech, and so forth.-
Thread 8: Digital Health - Digital citizens must be aware of the physical stress placed on their bodies by internet usage. They must be aware to not become overly dependent on the internet causing eye strain, headaches, stress problems, and so on.
Thread 9: Digital Security: Safety measures to be practiced using difficult passwords, pass phrases virus protection, backing up data, and so forth.

The highlights of this week among others were a regular daily dose to the community with Tech Tips covering the threads above, assemblies that showcased and stressed on these threads in the form of role plays, talks, displays,dialogues and also video clips.
We hosted a panel discussion with participation from members of the student body, parent body as well as staff. This was an excellent vehicle to gather very useful insights from all these different sections.
All four houses in the Senior school buzzed into action towards the end of the week as they participated in an Inter House Board Making competition
where they planned and executed their house boards bringing out the theme of Digital citizenship and what it means to them.
Students from middle and secondary school also competed in creating intense movies and uploading them on youtube where they earned viewership in addition to the judgement being done in house.

Commendable efforts from all participants producing very classy end products.

We signed off the week with a wide appreciation for the beginning of higher awareness and sensitivity to our digital profiles.
Further, curriculum in lessons will include learnings and activities that reinforce the focus of this week.
The bottom line is “Anything can happen….in just one click!!”