5 March 2015

Kindergarten trip to Young Chefs Academy, Ms. Aneesha, Early Years Coordinator

Cooking connects the whole world and is something which appeals to even the youngest sect of our society. It is not just fun but brings along with it a whole bunch of learning and hands on experience.  Our Kindergarteners visited the Young Chefs Academy on 24th February, 2015. The Young Chefs as the name itself suggests, takes into consideration the age of our little learners. Right from the work stations to the instructions, everything was comprehensible and play-like for our learners.

They had been involved in the school in the process of flour changing into pancakes and milk and bananas changing into banana shake. It was time to take this understanding a little further and also to reinforce the concept of material transforming into something completely different. They changed flour into pasta strips, changed milk and sugar into ice creams. They were expecting huge freezers to freeze the ice-cream, but were quite surprised to see the effect with the addition of liquid Nitrogen. Though they were in awe with the final products, the whole process of transformation brought clarity to the understanding of changes materials might go into.
They were also exposed to some new terms like Liquid Nitrogen, Acid and Dry yeast, even though they were a little hard for them to understand.

They devoured the fruits of their hard work and could safely say that change is fun and change is delicious….