9 February 2015

Global Youth Forum Speaker of the Year Award, My Experience !

Experience at the Speaker of the Year Contest,  My experience !

Speaker of the year was truly an enlightening experience. To get perspective of so many people on important topics such as health and nutrition amongst children was an enriching experience. When
I had got the mail that I was selected I couldn’t believe it. I was shocked, surprised over filled with joy and yet I knew I had to prepare for it and speak in a manner which could make me a winner. There were 200 people in my category in the first round and only 15 were to be selected and fortunately I was one of them. The next round was a panel discussion round and to be honest I was quite happy about this as group discussions is one of my strengths; I spoke well in the second round as well and got into the third and final round. The final round was a J.A.M where we get a minute to speak on a random topic which we pick out through chits. The topic that I got was raising awareness about correct health and nutrition amongst children, I did start off well but before I could finish my time was up which was a pity but I think doing bad in the last round was due to our lack of preparation for it as we hadn’t practiced J.A.Ms in school or otherwise as well. All in all it was a great and fun experience and wouldn’t mind doing it again
By Orkojeet Banerji Gr 8

A platform that allows the youth of a nation to speak up and address issues that they wouldn’t be allowed to influence is bound to grab the eyes of schools nationwide. Maverick Ventures’
Speaker of the Year was a fantastic opportunity for school going individuals all over the country to come and post forward their ideas on how ‘Health and Nutrition’ should be modelled in this country. The thing about this contest that impressed me the most was its professionalism, right down to the first round that we participated in. The information in our hands, dressed in our formal attire whilst speaking with a microphone into a camera can be a nerve racking experience but it instilled confidence in us like never before. To top that up, getting rattled with questions in a one on one interview strengthened the inter-personal skills that are required in all areas and fields of life. The forum was a great opportunity for new speakers to gain confidence and experience competition nationwide whilst experienced speakers honed their skills and worked towards the trophies. It was an excellent and intuitive experience for me and I do hope I am able to participate in it once again, hopefully to win this time.
by Karan Pandanda Gr X-B