9 February 2015

Student Council Elections by Shaheer Nasim Haider Gr 11

The student council, a metaphor for tenacity, plays a vital role in school and student life.  The student council can effectively be called the “bridge” between the students and the school. The council of 2014-2015 had done an amazing job throughout the year and we were expected to step into their shoes.
“Registrations” began in December 2014 and all interested applicants had to apply and go through an interview. After the interview, the shortlisted applicants had to begin the campaigning began. The entire school was COVERED with posters. After a whole week of campaigning, which included the speeches, the “judgment day” arrived.
The atmosphere was electric. All applicants were cheerful but the anxiety could be seen on their faces.
The voting, although simple yet precious for each of us, was conducted and the results were declared there and then. The new council was formed and we students were the ones who chose the members.
29th January was the day of the investiture. Every student council member was dressed for the occasion and it was a really beautiful event.
The badges were passed to the council members and the oath taking ceremony took place. Finally, the ceremony ended with the old and new council having tea together. The entire experience was extremely rewarding and as a member of the student council, I hope to live up to my expectations.
The Student Council 2015-16