10 February 2015

From the Director's Desk

One of the most powerful beliefs of an IB education is the focus on developing the whole person. Martin Luther King referred to education as the combination of intelligence and character, and indeed a long list of wise educators through the centuries remind us that to educate the mind alone is a poor preparation for happiness or success in life. It is a challenge to bring up people to be both free thinking and compassionate, or to develop self-discipline along with creative problem solving. But amidst the Units of Inquiry, completing of syllabi and summative assessments, the students have been busy with participating in this larger development of character and more is planned in the weeks ahead.
It is in the light of this that we are very happy and proud to begin this issue by reproducing an interview by our Grade 2 student Niharika Dwivedi who found the opportunity to conduct an interesting interview with the Chief Minister of UP, Mr Akhilesh Yadav. She was able to bring out a personal and child-centered response which makes for a very interesting read.

Communicating and thinking about the purpose of education has dominated much of the activity since the school re-opened.
Primary Back to School
Primary school parents experienced the learning environment through the well-attended Back to School Day and Grade 6 & 7 parents will do the same on the 14th. Grade 9 students took their parents through their first student led conference.
 Grade 9 SLC
In the weeks since the new semester began, the secondary school was involved in the student council election, bringing with it the demands of communicating, campaigning and voting. For those who won and those who did not, it is a valuable lesson.

Digital Citizenship
At a time when the entire country seems focused on elections, it seems a good time to focus on the larger meaning of citizenship. This week is devoted to a focus on digital citizenship. As the virtual world has become an increasing presence in all our lives, it is essential to understand issues of safety, responsibility and health. For the past two years we have focused on helping young people understand the importance of retaining privacy and following safe practices. This year the focus has expanded to issues of health, the importance of moderation, radiation or lack of sleep. Parents, teachers and students will participate in discussing this issue.  Reminders will go out to parents too so please do use this as an opportunity to talk about this to your children.

In the upcoming week we take our next step towards MYP authorization with the visit by our IB consultant. She will be meeting teachers and students, sitting in on classes and reviewing our standards.  Appointed by the IB, our consultant Ms Aloha Lavina is a highly experienced IB practitioner and we look forward to our ongoing development as an MYP school with her.

Change of Date
A reminder that the Sports Fiesta for students upto Grade 2 is on Friday 20th and Sports Day is on Saturday 28th. I look forward to seeing you at both events.

Dr Shalini Advani
School Director