9 February 2015

Grade 7 trip to Akshay Pratisthan… by Shikha Chatterjee Gr Gr 7B

On February 6th 2015 Grade 7 of Pathways School Noida went for a field trip to Akshay Pratisthan, a school for differently abled children. This trip was part of our English unit on the Art of Persuasion and also part of our Science unit on nutrition.
We went to this school to interact with the
children and observe what they get to eat for their mid-day meals. The mid-day meals were provided with the help of the organization MCKS which runs the Ek Muthi Anaaj campaign.
The objectives for this trip were for us to recognize the needs of these special children and persuade others to help join in with the Ek Muthi Aanaj campaign.
We were touched as we entered each classroom and saw the smiling faces of the children. Some even came up to us and shook our hand. It was a memorable experience at the school and we enjoyed it thoroughly.
At the beginning of the tour there was a short assembly where the children performed for us. The choreographer of the school who is physically challenged performed a dance for us, while sitting in his wheelchair. It was amazing and taught us that even if you have any kind of disability you can achieve a lot in life. We gave him a standing ovation. We also were lucky to witness hearing impaired children perform the national anthem using  sign language.
Towards the end of the tour when we were on the sports field the boys of both the schools made teams and played a quick 5 minute basketball match.
As usual when you start to enjoy things a lot time flies past without you knowing and soon it was time for us to board the bus and go back to school with happy and cheery faces and memories.
 We all knew that we should not be sorry for these special children but we should appreciate them for who they are. Well that really had an effect on us because all of us went home with that lesson engraved in our soul.
Grade 7 will be starting a drive wherein we will be collecting any types of grains such as rice and daal which will help the campaign Ek Muthi Aanaj provide healthy and nutritious food for the children in the school.