9 February 2015

Session with photographer and movie-maker Umang Bhattacharya by Tanvi Amrit Gr 6

On the 20th of January we had a session
with photographer and movie-maker Umang Bhattacharya. We interacted and talked about civic responsibility. The session began with a talk about the importance of empathy and sympathy. Mr. Umang involved us using all our definitions, ideas and thoughts to reach a final conclusion. We realized how empathy is different for each and every one of us, for some is it taking action and not only thinking. For others it merely talking as you care and actually caring. Empathy as we think of it is looking at the same incident from another point of view. Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. Sympathy is merely saying or stating that you are sorry and simply feeling sorry and not empathetic. We talked about how we can be empathetic in different situation like breakouts, epidemics and disasters.
also viewed and talked about one of his films, made for The Water Trust, New York (on his website www.umangb.com). It is about a community in  Masindi, Uganda  and how with the help of Water Trust they were able  to overcome the many challenges they had been facing due to shortage of clean drinking water.  Water Trust empathised with the community, involving them and using the community’s help to build their water source, a water pump. This provided the community with fresh underground water.

This session went really well. I really liked the way Mr. Umang involved us as if we were making this session and in reality that was what it was. It was really an informative meeting. It also brought out the fact about how every person had a different perspective but everyone empathises.