4 September 2017

Exploring the right way to business: The sustainable way- Greenbiz at PSN,by Gariyasi Garg Gr 10

Sustainability is the most pressing need of the hour. It is essential for all educational institutions to instill a feeling of responsibility towards the planet in young students and convey to them that one doesn’t have to be an environmentalist to contribute to sustainable development. You can be whatever you want and still play your part in protecting the world from complete mobilization of resources.

Pathways School Noida found an effective and far-reaching way of doing so.

They held Greenbiz, on 22nd August 2017 – a one-day event for aspiring economists, entrepreneurs and creative thinkers. There were five exciting and well-planned events: starting with a ‘Panel Discussion’ about water as an economic commodity; ‘Creators and Promoters’, an event for ingenious minds to create sustainability out of the discarded; ‘Shark

Tank’, an impeccable simulation of an actual franchise; ‘Graffiti’ – a platform for artistic souls to spark a thought amongst the viewers through their design; and lastly, Adonomics - for young marketing experts to delve into the objectives and impact of video advertisements.

13 leading schools of NCR participated enthusiastically in the various events. The events were judged by accomplished in-school faculty members and eminent guest judges. I was a participant in Adonomics, and it was an enthralling experience for me. From the research and preparation with my team members to the opportunity to listen to the views of students from other schools, everything was so amazing. All contestants had conducted extensive research and gave their best shot in all areas. The presentation of most  schools was appreciated as very innovative and productive.

While Pathways School Aravalli won the Overall Achievement School trophy, Pathways School Noida bagged the first position in three of the four competitive events. It was a prodigious moment of pride for all the students of the host school.  However, we were more delighted for having successfully organized an enjoyable and very enlightening experience for so many!