4 September 2017

Grade 1 Story Telling with Drama teacher Ms. Garima Arya, by Ms Elieen M Moore FT grade 1

This week our first graders were hooked into a wonderful story session with the drama teacher Ms. Garima. Her story telling skills captivated our children’s attention as she narrated the story; ‘The Famous Smile’. The story unfolded such that after several failed attempts, Agar Magar the character finally makes it big; when he decides to take a tour of the mighty river, the deep forest and the mighty town. The story goes on to reveal how Agar Magar the crocodile goes to places flaunting his sparkly, shiny teeth and his famous smile and in doing so does he manage to fish for compliments or attract the animals for his tasty meal. This interactive story was written by author Geeta Dharmaharajan.

 Story telling sessions always add fun to an exciting week. A big advantage of storytelling is to enhance a child's vocabulary, imagination and expressions.