4 September 2017

Poetry Writing Competition by Dev Vaidya Grade 10

On the 19th of August, we went to DELNET, which is located in the calm and beautiful JNU campus, for a learning experience of a lifetime brought to us by the much celebrated Poetry Society of India and the two very knowledgeable facilitators Ms. Sanjula Sharma a freelance journalist, writer and poet who conducts workshops called Happy Minds and Ms. Mandira Ghosh who is an honorary member of the Society and a celebrated haiku writer and published poet.
The day started off with a group photograph of the participants of all the schools. Then the rules of the competition were told to us and our teachers Ms. Susan and Mr. Gaurav encouraged us to do our best. Post all the motivational conversation the competition began with four visual prompts, each to be comprehended figuratively followed by a poem rhyme or free-verse written in the hour allotted.
After the competition, we were given time for lunch followed by an hour and a half long workshop by the facilitators asking us to read more to write better and explaining all 8 of the 57 recognized forms of poetry. There was also a screening of a riveting Ruskin Bond film. We also got an opportunity to share /recite some of our poems before the gathering. Many students, including a couple from our school, went up on stage.
Finally, the winners were announced and the awards were distributed. Unfortunately, our school did not get any. I am looking forward to next year’s competition. I hope to get at least a couple of awards for my school.