4 September 2017

Grade 5 Skype session with archaeologist, Danika Parikh based in Cambridge, UK, by Ms. Lily Osmond FT Gr 5

On 24th August, 2017, students of grade 5 had an engaging skype session with an archaeologist, Danika Parikh, who is based in Cambridge, the United Kingdom. She is working on a project connected with the Indus Valley civilisation. This skype session was arranged to help the students enrich their understanding of their ongoing inquiry on “Ancient civilizations and their connection to the modern day society”.

During the Skype session the children were completely engrossed in the conversation with Ms. Danika. She gave them an insight into an archaeologist's life wherein she shared about how difficult it is. She talked about the tools they use too.  Ms. Dhanika told us about her rare find (a 6000 year old pottery) as well. She shared the journey she and her team undertook for the find. She shared that after a search process which went on for days they figured out that they were on an incorrect path.

She told us about many different artefacts along with first hand information about them. It was interesting for us to learn how archaeologists find out information about the various objects they discover - their age, their importance, where they belonged, and what they tell us about the civilization. The students loved to learn about things which were so old yet had a connection with the modern day society. It was a wonderful learning experience for us all where we could see the connection between the past and the present through evidences.

Towards the end of the session, many of the children felt inspired to become an archaeologist and take it up as a profession.